Monday, July 25, 2011

Weird Interviews Introduction Post

Hello!!! I managed to create the questions (with help of Johnny and Silvestro) for our Weird Interviews meme. I'm pretty happy about them. I totally love them ^^

How it works?
Any blogger, follower, author or whatever you are (we accept robots and aliens too) can answer the questions. Just fill the form and we will notify you when it's posted with a link :)
When it's posted?
Probably each week else each second week. We will see how it will go. The interviews will go up in the turn they were submitted.
You have 2 forms there.Which one i choose?
You can answer both or just one of them. Anything that works better for you.
What's the difference between them?
The "Shazam" form has just some weird questions. And yes they are weird. Don't expect "why do you blog" and stuff like that. They are general questions. You can answer them seriously or not. Your choice. Yes, they are many but you don't have to answer them all if you don't want to.
The "Tell us your story" form has a character interview. You have to create your own character in your head and answer as him/her/it the questions.

As a good person i am, i will ask the fellow bloggers here to answer them too XD
Have fun!!! :D

Remember to answer as your own fictional character and not yourself.

Leave any questions and thoughts at the comments.


  1. those are so cool questions!!! i am so exited now, i thought the interviews would be boring but i was wrong, great job guys !!!

    of course Dumbledore !!!!

  2. Great job and I had fun doing Shazam

  3. I saw many of my questions there! Thank you Yiota!!

    @Athanasia I dont think so, if gandalf went all "You shall not CAAAAST" on him he would be screwed

  4. @JohnnyB: I stand by Dumbledore too and you will see why when you read my answer to the form ;)

  5. Those are some fun questions! :) Great idea, btw!

  6. @athanasia: i told ya they would be different! what a negative person you are :p

    @lonewolf: happy you liked it:D

    @Silvestro: ;)

    @Johnny: why you thank me? you never thank me. that's weird! why it's such a surprise to you?
    And lol at your comment!

    @Phanee: you should see the answers so far!

    @Misha: :D

  7. OK, I know realized that we have to answer them too, I can't choose thought....

    Yiota: If Johnny is thanking you don't ask questions, just accept it....

  8. @Yiota: I want to see the answers so far!!!
    @Silvestro: Still Gandalf cant die, you kill him he will come back as gandalf the white, you kill him AGAIN he will come back as gandalf the black, you kill him AGAIN AND AGAIN, he will come back as blue, green or whatever. As long as there are colors there will be a gandalf. While Dumbledore? One spell and he is as dead as a chicken

  9. @Nina Yiota knows better than to just accept a thank you from me.


  10. @nina: he is probably planning something :P

    @Johnny: the rainbow Gandalf?

  11. @Yiota: maybe...maybe

  12. spoiler alert:

    @JohnnyB: well Dumbledore died because he wanted to die, it was his idea, I think he could easily kill em all in that fight if he was serious ;)

  13. i filled it, my answers are not that great though!

  14. @Silvestro: yes....but he didnt! and Gandalf didnt even bother with dying, he was like, "run you dicks I will come back in a random color!"


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