Sunday, October 2, 2011

Movie Review: The Sting

Fueled by ragtime music, The Sting takes the thrill of the confidence game to giddy heights. After rookie grifter Johnny Hooker (Robert Redford) tracks down veteran flim-flam man Henry Gondorff (Paul Newman) in 1930s Chicago, the duo plans to fleece a homicidal racketeer (Robert Shaw) through a phony racetrack scam. Ripe with double and triple crosses, The Sting keeps viewers guessing (and yearning for another Newman-Redford seriocomic teaming)


Well, I am a fan of old movies though I never review any of em because Yiota hates them. I know, boo Yiota! But i just could not, NOT review this movie.
First of all the acting is amazing. As usual old movies show us that acting REALLY mattered back then. Everything is so natural it feels as if its a documentary sometimes. Redford and the rest of the cast just seems so into what they do that you cant help but be dragged into everything.

The plot was nothing that we have not seen before. Petty criminal steals from the wrong person by accident, then the mafia guy kills his partner, the criminal swears revenge blah blah blah. BUT the plot just had so many twists, it was so well knitted that it was unique. I have not seen such a good movie of this type for years. And I am not joking. The whole setting first of all was brilliant. The plan they have formed, the way they execute it, how they act it up, the unexpected twists and everything. It made so much sense that in the end you could just not help to be laughing out like "HOLY SHIT!" (i know I did)

The soundtrack was nothing special in my opinion, but I think that for the time it was nice. It blended with the movie well so it was neither annoying or something that I personally noticed too much.

Overall I think that "The Sting" is another proof that old movies are best since they focus more on story, acting and plot than effects and hot dudes/dudettes. I enjoyed this movie very much and I recommend it to everyone especially if they like heist movies like "Oceans 11".

JohnnyB out!


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