Thursday, September 16, 2010

Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex Review

Artemis has committed his entire fortune to a project he believes will save the planet and its inhabitants, both human and fairy. Can it be true? Has goodness taken hold of the world’s greatest teenage criminal mastermind?
Captain Holly Short is unconvinced, and discovers that Artemis is suffering from Atlantis Complex, a psychosis common among guilt-ridden fairies -- not humans -- and most likely triggered by Artemis’s dabbling with fairy magic. Symptoms include obsessive-compulsive behavior, paranoia, multiple personality disorder and, in extreme cases, embarrassing professions of love to a certain feisty LEPrecon fairy.
Unfortunately, Atlantis Complex has struck at the worst possible time. A deadly foe from Holly’s past is intent on destroying the actual city of Atlantis. Can Artemis escape the confines of his mind -- and the grips of a giant squid -- in time to save the underwater metropolis and its fairy inhabitants?
New York Times best-selling author Eoin Colfer delivers a knockout, fast-paced, and hilarious adventure in Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex, the seventh book in the blockbuster series 

Eoin Colfer continues the adventures of Artemis Fowl and his friends in one more book. As usual we follow Artemis and his plans with the fairies. In this book Artemis suffering from Atlantis Complex and as result he is afraid of his friends, he counts everything to be related with the number 5 and he even brought out his inner self Orion. Orion was leaving inside Artemis mind and he can't recognize which of Artemis thoughts are memories, books, news,etc. So when he comes out, Holly has to settle with a different person than she used to, who is not mastermind, he is flirting with her and think he tries to save a princess from a dragon. Plus they have to save the fairy world one more time.

Colfer goes different in this book than his fans are use to and he puts his characters out of their own little world. As always, in parts of the book we see the villains planning. The difference of the rest books in that certain part is that now, the villain's story is even bigger part. It takes more than 1/3 of the book. I can understand why Colfer writes more about his new villain, to understand his character but it got me bored. I was really uninterested in those parts and it was tiring me. I really believe he would have written less about it. It was my worst part and unfortunately it's about 100 pages long.
But to balance that, our author adds one more different thing. For a first time ever we see more of the Butler brothers and Fowly. Fowly, who used to be the tech and gave orders from his place now he is in the battlefield and he is freaking out. Good to see a another side of him. In addition we have Butler and his sister Juliet together. We see Butler away from Artemis on his own little adventure, we see him fight along his sister and finally we see Juliet in action. That girl fairly belongs to the Butler family. That's all i have to say.

After all, i like the book. It has a big boring part but some scenes with Orion,Artemis, Butler,Juliet,Fowly are really worth to be read. I could hear myself laugh a lot, something i never did in the previous books. I believe that everyone who follows the series need to read the book since it looks from the end that we will get one more.


  1. Wonderful review, I posted it to my Twitter following under the hashmark #helpotherbookblogs

  2. I so want to read this book. Really do!

  3. Oh sounds like an interesting book!! :)
    Thanks for the review!!

    And wheee! You are Greek too? :P

  4. @Kate:
    It has some really funny moments. And even if you haven't read the rest you can try it. It has a full summary.

    Yeah i am:)
    All the bloggers here are too:)

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