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The Guardians Of Time Review

The Guardians of Time Trilogy is a series of novels written by Marianne Curley. The plot of the trilogy consists of the Guardians of Time (the Guard), trying to protect the past, present, and future by traveling into the past to thwart their enemies, the Order of Chaos (the Order), who are trying to change past events to give themselves more power.
The books in this trilogy are The Named, The Dark, and The Key (from wikipedia)

REVIEW BOOKS 1-3 (bits of spoiler):

The main story is set in present years though some parts are in the past. We follow one by one the people that will become Guardians of Time starting with Ethan. Ethan has a long family history that we see to appear a lot in the book and we even get some glimpses of him before he get his power. Later they are coming in the story Isabelle, Arkanian, Matt, Rochelle, Neriah and many other to take their position as Guardians of Time. Their job is to protect the world from the Order of Chaos. The Order of Chaos sent their people back to the past in certain events and trying to change it like its serves their purposes. The Guardians are going back as well, trying to figure who is the bad guys and protect the world and its history.All of them happen when they sleep.

As it happend at Old Magic too, the book is...
...written in first person. Each book follows the minds of two characters, one girl and one boy. Plus, in each book we follow different characters as well. First: Ethan-Isobelle, Second: Isobelle-Arkarian, Third: Matt-Rochelle. If you think them that were picked into pairs, well not. Curley picked them as who has the biggest part at the certain part of the story. Of course there is love story as well. Actually not only one, but i count three big ones right now. BUT that doesn't make the book not readable by guys. The love parts were fitted exactly where they had to be without destroying the main theme of the books. The difference with Old Magic is that here we have adventure. And a lot of it. People are going back in time, come here again but even in their real life they are hunted by the evil so there is movement all the time.

As for the characters, you get to know them really well. The fact that in every book we have different point view give us the chance to see how most of them see the story. How they really think and what to believe about certain events that happen or other people. If i had a picked a favorite character i would pick Arkanian. His older than the rest, even if he looks 17, and he can't get out in our world. He is also the teacher of the rest guys and the one who help them fulffill their missions. Later in the books we see that his part is bigger than we expected too. The rest characters are all different to each other as well and they are fully "designed". Once you know them, it will be easy for you to follow them and understand their moves and the reason behind their acts.

The books are fun to read, not repeatable and with a really good behind story. There was only one thing i disliked about it and that was the end. There is something happening that i really disliked. I refused to re-read the last pages again. But yeah, that's just me and how i want a story. Overall i think you should give them a chance. There is no vampires, werewolves, angels in it, as we have used in this category, but there is still magic (illusions,healing,shapeshifting,etc) which make it different in a good way.

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  1. I did a review for this but liked yours more. This fantasy series found at my Library and glad I found it. It's really just one step away from being an amazing read. The other two in the series are great too. Thanks for reviewing!


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