Monday, September 13, 2010

Sexy, Review

The most provocative young adult novel yet from New York Times best-selling author Joyce Carol Oates.
Darren Flynn is popular, good-looking, and has a spot on the varsity swim team. But after what happened that day in November (did it happen?), life is different for Darren.
Now his friends, his family, even the people who are supposed to be in charge are no longer who Darren thought they were. Who can he trust now?
In her third novel for young adults, the author of the acclaimed Big Mouth & Ugly Girl leads readers on an internal journey of self-discovery, moral complexity, and sexuality.

This book was my last choice. I had plenty of money to spend (it was my birthday) and I was hoping from the title that is going to be a book for a guy who tries to figure out his sexuality. But I was wrong. Not fully, but still wrong.

The book says about this high-school athlete who's shy and so much different from his play mates. He doesn't have a car so his best friend gets him home after practice. One day there is snow and he has a disaggreement with his friend. So his stuck in the school. One of his teachers sees him and offers him his service. To get him home. On the road, they stop on a coffee shop and they get spotted by some students' mothers. And the rumor begin. The next day all the school is talking about the teacher and who he really is. Thank God no-one noticed the high-school student in the passenger's seat. And the worries for the guy begin. What have happened? And why have happened? And it really happened?

As I told the character is pretty shy, when it comes to the girls. So that incident makes him think about his sexuality. He is starting to have doubts about himself. Mostly why this thing happened to him and what he should do next.

The writer is really great. She keeps you in agony the whole time. Who's really the teacher. And what the guy is going to do. And it's amazing. Even if the book is been written by a female author, you learn many things about guys. How they think and about their considerations. Teenage guys have, somehow, about the same number of problems, the girls have. And no girl knows about. That's why I'm telling you that the book can be read from anyone.

This is a book that makes you think lots of things. It's hard for me to explain so if you have any opinions, I would be more than glad to hear about them.


  1. Another interesting book! Thanks for sharing:)

    Day @paperbackdolls

  2. Hey, sorry for telling this in public, but I've read you're a mother. This book will help you if you have a teenage boy to understand him better. But please don't freak out after reading it.


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