Sunday, September 5, 2010

Youth in Revolt, Review

At 16, Nick Twisp is wry about his teen funk; he lives in Oakland with his sex-addled mother; his father's child support is her meal ticket. While camping in Ukiah, Nick meets Sheeni: for him, it's love at first sight. Nick has to figure out how to get his father a job in Ukiah, then how to get sent to live with his father, then how to get closed to Sheeni, whose religious parents may want her sent away from temptation to a boarding school. There's also Sheeni's all-American boyfriend to contend with. Overwhelmed by the challenges, Nick's about to give up when he conjures an alter ego who whispers revolt into his ear. Nick is not altogether hapless, but can this end well?

When I saw the trailer I thought this is going to be a simple movie with a guy who wants to win the girl. Well, this movie wasn't simple.

It tells about this 16-year-old guy who has divorced parents. When his mom's loser boyfriend is been chased by some unpleasant customers of him, they decide to run away onto a RV area. There he meets the girl. He instantly fells for her and he could do everything for her. And I mean everything. One of them is creating this super cool alter ego that takes his place when he's in trouble. Who's in lot of troubles after he decides to win the girl from her hot boyfriend.

All the characters live on their own worlds. From the mom who believes her boyfriends more than her son to the girl's brother, but he's mostly high so I don't think that counts. Anyway, they all give the guy a reason for not to be when he grows up and make him want the girl more.

About the cast:
Michael Cera is really great. This role is suitable for him. I believe he gives a little bit of hope to all the guys out there that are not that lucky with the girls.
Portia Doubleday. Maybe you will think she's a bitch for making a nice guy do all those things for her, but it totally worth it.
There is also an amount of other actros including Ray Liotta, Zack Galifianakis and Justin Long.

This is a movie that shows you exactly what an alter ego means. What we can create with our minds. And how far we can go for the boy or the girl we are in love with.

Last thing I want to tell you: I totally believe that we can transform to our other selves. Just think a young girl, who with the appropriate clothes and make-up, can be from the daddy's little girl to the super mean slut, and a young boy who can be from the super nerd to the super cool.


  1. haha I loved this movie. I absolutely love Micheal Cera, always watch his movies... cant wait till his new one comes out- Scott Pilgrim vs the world lol

  2. Can't wait for it too. But i'm not that lucky as you. I've missed some of his movies....


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