Monday, September 6, 2010

Vampirates Series Review

I'll tell you a tale of Vampirates,
A tale as old as true.
Yea, I'll sing you a song of an ancient ship,
And its mighty fearsome crew.

REVIEW BOOKS 1-4(bits of spoiler):

The Vampirates Series are set in the future at the year 2505. At that time there is a new era of piracy which is rising. Whoever control the seas, control an the world the say. We follow up the 16 year old twins, Connor and Grace and their life after their father died. While they try to escape from their fate in the town they live with a small boat, a storm is coming upon them. The two kids are losing each other. Connor was saved by a Molocco Wrath and his pirate crew while Grace was saved from Lorcan Furey from the Vampirates ship. At the first book we have the kids trying to find each other once again when at the same time the learn about the new worlds they met and make new friends. When they meet again, Grace decides that she can't leave away from the mysterious ship of the Vampirates and her new friends. They separate once again. Grace tries to understand the world of the vampires and vampirates by staying with them. On the other hand Connor tries.... get used to the pirate life and even goes at the Pirates' Academy. As the story go on the kids learn more about their family's past which is connect strongly with the Vampirates ship and its crew, they fall in love even if they are young to understand it, they make new friends and enemies and they are trying really hard to fit in this new world of theirs.At the end of the 4th book(haven't read the next one yet) a big war is on the way and the kids will be in the middle of it.

With the new fashion with the vampire books written mostly for the female audience you might mistaken the book and think it fits in this category as well. Is clearly a fantasy book for both genres. The world of the book is really dark and bloody. Fights, wars are the biggest part of it. There is no big love story in it but as it is normal for all people its characters fall in love. Not the main theme of the book though. You follow more the story around the two kids and how different they are and accept the new life. Vampires are the well known vampires we all knew before Twilight (no sparkles). They feed with human blood in different ways and they kill. Some of them have magic powers and they are pretty fearsome.Pirates are something also stay on what we know about them but not at the stealing cities part so much. I say even the good guys in this book are bad in a way. Probably only the girl, Grace, hasn't kill anyone yet...

Personally i really like the book cause its plot is original. As far from all the books i have read, i didn't meet something alike to it. Somper came up with a really good idea. There is no unnecessary details or scenes. The environment of the world is really well displayed and you create it easily in your mind. Same for the characters. Maybe sometimes the kids are getting used to the new conditions easily but still most of the reactions are original.

An interesting fact about the world of Vampirates is that Somper used real places and names. There is explanation of the world and how came up with the idea at the official site. Same for illustrations of the characters.
So if you are fantasy fan (i picked it up cause i'm fan of pirates and vampires) and you want an easy reading and fast book with some excitement in it, i say try it.

Vampirates Series

  1. Demons of the Ocean (2005)
  2. Tide of Terror (2007)
  3. Blood Captain (2008)
  4. Black Heart (2009)
  5. Empire of Night (2010)
  6. Immortal War (Not yet published)
i have read the first two books in Greek by Fantastikos Kosmos Publications and the next two in English.


  1. Another Vampirates fan! I love these books. They are so much fun to read. I didn't know Somper used real places. I am definitely going to check out the site.

  2. To tell you the truth me neither! I found it by luck when i was checking his site and i was like "wow".

  3. Great review. My son really liked these books. I'm not sure that they'd be for me...but anything that gets him reading is a plus!


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