Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Interview With Daniel L Carter

Daniel L Carter*,created a cool feature at his blog where he interview bloggers. Every blog, can take the interview for free and answer some questions about themselves and their blog. The only thing, you need to do is to answer some questions and send them back with e-mail. Our interview, was accepted (thank you so much mr.Carter!), and now is posted for everyone to read it. If you want to take part at this great feature you can learn more about it here: Daniel L Carter-Bloggers Interview.

You can read our full interview at Daniel L Carter's blog. Bellow is a small piece of it.

DLC: What is the most rewarding aspect of blogging for you?

YNJ: The exchange of opinions and ideas is the perfect thing. It always feel good to see that someone has read your post. That you are not writing for yourself. Even a simple thanks.

DLC: How often do you blog?

YNJ: Normally we have one new review every day :)

*DANIEL L. CARTER, born and raised in New York State, has always enjoyed Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories. Some of his favorite authors include Robert Aspirin and Stephen R. Donaldson. Having acted in plays, such as Diary of Anne Frank and Damn Yankees, Daniel soon turned to writing skits and short plays, as well as directing. After studying at Elim Bible Institute and Hudson Valley Bible School, the desire to blend fantasy and faith drove him to begin a journey on finding a story that would do just that. The Unwanted, Book One in The Unwanted Trilogy, opens up a new world of Science Fiction and Fantasy that will appeal to many ages. Daniel is currently working on Book Three, Unholy Resurrection. He and his wife, Margo, reside in Western New York.

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