Friday, September 10, 2010

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Review

Nick, a high-school senior from Hoboken, can't stop obsessing about Tris, his cute, blond, conniving ex-girlfriend. Norah, also a senior and an acquaintance of Tris's, is dissed by Tris at a club in New York City, so to show she's cool and has a boyfriend, she goes up a stranger, whispers in his ear, and kisses him. It's Nick. Thus begins a night of fits and starts between Nick and Norah as they share a love of music, hunt for an elusive band scheduled to play somewhere that night, search for Norah's drunk friend Caroline-with the help of Nick's gay band mates, and keep running into Tris and Norah's sort-of boyfriend. Both Nick and Norah have to figure out what they want.

When I saw the trailer, I thought that Michael Cera had a cool role. And I was right. This must be the first role of Michael Cera that is not a virgin guy with no hope when it comes to the girls.

The story says about Nick. His girlfriend breaks up with him and he wants her back. One night he goes out with his gay buddies and Norah approaches him.
The story says about Norah. Her boyfriend is a loser that wants her for her benefits. One night she goes out with her best friend and approaches Nick.
The reason? Well, Nick's ex-girlfriend is also Norah's bully at school.
And the story begin with the characters chasing a band and chasing their friends and ex's and finding solutions on their problems. With company the music.

About the cast:
Michael Cera: As I told, his role is really great. So much diffirent from the others we've seen him. Great change that totally surprises you.
Kat Dennings: It is great to see her in a non-dark role. She reminds me nothing from her role in Raise your Voice or Big Mama's House 2.

The movie is set in New York and all of these happen in only one night. It's pretty amazing, I have to admit, that in a city so big, full of roads and cars, you can have fun on a van and not in a club. The message the movie wants to send is that music connects people. Even it's on the '60s (see The Boat that Rocked), or in our days.

Last thing I want to tell you. Just mention the "gum trip". I believe the gum is the main character of the movie.


  1. well i saw the movie and i really liked it.. it was a cool story! i got a little tired though because it was set in one night.. as for the gum trip!!omg i felt so sick, i was wishing they would throw it away but they didn't!! as for Caroline, she was a drunk mess i didn't like that.. generally it was a fun watch! thnx for recommending it!

    1. Thnx for being my first comment here, I've forgotten that I've written a review about it....It's cool you liked it....


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