Sunday, September 12, 2010

Artist of The Week #4

At the threshold of oblivion by *dark-spider

Official Description Of The Pic from the artist:

Digital Art / Paintings & Airbrushing / Fantasy©2010 *dark-spider
I'm back after several weeks of hard work :). My third artbook, Forgotten 3, is already finished and ready to be published in a few weeks. It will be published first in Spanish, and other languages will follow. I will keep you updated about it :aww:

About this image, it was done back in 2008 for the artbook Forgotten 2: The Portal of Destiny along with more than 40 images. It belongs to the story "Letters in the darkness", a tale about voodoo, haunted paintings and isolated victorian mansions in New Orleans. It was also featured as the cover of the book.

Two weeks of hard work in Photoshop :).

Forgotten 2 is available for sale in english [link] and spanish [link] , and other languages are on the way.


Artwork (c) Cris Ortega / Norma Editorial, S. A.

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  • Favourite genre of music: celtic-gothic, rock and pop
  • Favourite artist: Luis Royo, Waterhouse, Bowser, Kouyu Shurei
  • Favourite poet or writer: Edgar Allan Poe, Neil Gaiman, Mary Shelley, Diane Setterfield
  • Favourite style of art: Anime and fantasy
  • Favourite game: Final Fantasy, Resident Evil
  • Favourite gaming platform: Play Station
  • Personal Quote: If I'm the only one who's gonna live my life, I will choose how I want to live it.
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