Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guest Review for A Writer's Review Blog

This month is amazing!We had little awards,our first giveaway,hit the mark of 50 followers,an interview and now we did a guest review as well.
Brandi from A Writer's Review let us do a guest review at her blog. She picked one of book of our library for review, and that was Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. The review was done exclusively for her blog and so it will not be posted here. Everyone who wants to read it, would have to visit her blog.

Also,since her blog is new, i thought it would be the best to do a small interview with her for a promotion. I'm one of the persons who strongly believe that we need to support each other. The feeling when you see comments or that someone noticed you is truly special. Especially for the small blogs.

Here is out little interview with Brandi from A Writer's Review:
What made you start blogging?
       I love love love reading, but I also love writing.  I really thought that blogging would be a good way to not only document what I read, but also to write about things relating to reading.  I started the blog in January of this year, with the thought that each post would just be a review of the book that I had just finished reading.  I also had challenged myself to read 100 books this year, so that was going to be my way of keeping track of the books I read, and a way to remember what each book was about.  Well, as time went on, I got busy and didn't have time to keep up with the reviews -- but now I'm back!  When I came back I decided that I wasn't going to just blog reviews, so you can find many other things on my blog as well (all related to reading of course!)

What's the part you like most at blogging?
    Honestly, my favorite part of blogging is figuring out what I am going to write about next.  I try to do at least a small amount of research when I post my blogs.  My research can include anything from what you would ordinarily consider research to things like reading other peoples blogs and seeing what their opinions/views are.  My other favorite part about writing a blog is all of the people that I am able to reach -- I log on each day and I've got a new follower, or a new comment, or more page views and it fills me up!
Tell us a bit about what to expect from your blog
      My blog will contain reviews about the books that I read (I'm still trying to wrap up the reviews on all the other books I've read this year), as well as what I am considering "hot topics".  Hot topics are posts like To E-Read, or Not to E-Read.  I am also constantly taking tips and ideas from other bloggers, so if anyone has something they want me to blog about -- I'm all over it! 
Who is your favourite author and book and why?
     Hands down -- Jodi Picoult.  Interestingly enough, I picked up a Jodi Picoult book about 3 years ago at a library, and I just couldn't put it down.  Her writing style is incredible, and the topics that she writes on are amazing.  She is a perennial author due to the copious amounts of research she does on each topic.  I love the fact that while I am wrapped up in the lives of the characters in her books, I am also learning.  House Rules was the book that was released this year, and it dealt with Asperger's Disease.  I honestly had no idea what that was until I read the book.  Now that I've read the book, not only do I understand the disease, I am also able to see how it has impacted a family.  I highly recommend her to readers of all genres!!
Thanks to Brandi for letting us write at her blog and replying to our questions as well.

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