Friday, October 1, 2010

Heart's Delight, Review

Before Heart's Delight, I was a boy, he thinks.
Before Heart's Delight, I was a child.
When he first saw Ann-Katrin on the bus, he was mesmerized, captivated, consumed.
But that was before.
Now he sits alone in his room, a sixteen-years-old boy, waiting for her to call. Wishing for her to tell him it was real. It was as perfect as he imagined.
But the phone sits silently.
The boy continues to wait, systematically destroying all of the objects from their short-lived relationship.
As he plays their relationship over his mind like a movie, he wonders:
What if his heart's delight doesn't call? Will life be worth living then?

I don't remember exactly why I bought this book. It's been a long time since I read it. It was the title? The cover? I can't recall. Anyway.

The book is telling about a young boy. It tells you about his first love and his first heart breaking. One day he was late for school. He enters the bus in hurry and in about some stops later a girl enters the bus. She has red hair and a unique perfume. And it's the most beautiful thing the boy ever saw. Every week the same day he takes the bus later than usual, so he can talk to the girl. And he does. And they start this relationship which is based on feelings from both sides. Or this is what the boy believes. When he turns back from a trip in USA, he figures out that his girlfriend was sleeping with another guy. And his heart breaks.

The book is not following the facts in a straight line. There are rewinds and forwards. In one chapter you're in the past and in the next on the present. This happens because our character, the boy, is recalling memories from moments that he had spent with the girl, as he's destroying the things that remind her. It's like when you put in flames pictures with you and your ex's or when you draw horns and beard on your ex's pictures. But in this case is even worse.

I have to admit that it was a nice book. It was the first time I was reading or even heard about heart breaking guys and how they deal with a break up. And before you say anything, the writer is male, so he probably knows what his writing about.

Despite the fact that it's a small book, it makes anxious of what the boy is going to do. And it leaves you with questions for the guys around you. I mean, the girls are always misunderstanding boys. The book makes you think that guys are humans too. And as humans they have feelings and they get hurt. Emotionally.


  1. Hey! I have read this...but how? Did you ever gave it to me or smth? Can't remember...

    And yeah it was a nice book. Small but quite interesting.

  2. Nope. We weren't sharing books. Except Harry Potter IV. Check on your bookshelves it should be somewhere....

  3. lol..yes it the hell i got it?XD


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