Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Dragon Pearl, Movie Review

When teenagers JOSH (Louis Corbett) and LING (Li Lin Jin) join their respective parents, CHRIS (Sam Neill) and Dr LI (Wang Ji) on an archaeological dig in China they encounter something trapped beneath a temple beyond their wildest imagination. A real live Chinese dragon.

Two thousand years earlier, to defend his kingdom, the dragon lent an emperor his all powerful pearl. Instead of being returned the pearl was buried with the emperor beneath his palace, and helpless without its source of power the dragon has remained entombed ever since.

With the Dragon Pearl buried on the excavation site, Josh and Ling implore their parents for help, but met with disbelief the children realize they must find the pearl on their own. However there's one who does believe them: archaeologist PHILIP DUKAS (Robert Mammone), who wants to seize the pearl's awesome power for his own sinister ambitions. The only way to stop him is for Josh and Ling to get to it first and return it to its rightful owner.

No, the movie is not Asian but the poster is way more awesome than the American/English/Australian one.

I can't say the story is that original. Archaeologists, magic, the chosen one, dragon, evil guy,etc but i can't even remember when was the last time i enjoyed a kid's adventure without having the studios care about what is in trend, beautiful actors, fancy music, etc but actually put more money on the movie in general. So for that and only, deserves a watch. It was like i was 10 years old again and i watching those old movies with martial arts, kids running around and getting in trouble.

As i said above even if it's not that impressive it's still fun to watch. And same goes for the acting. The only known actor to me was Sam Neill which he can do a lot better than that. The rest were on the average scale but fit nicely their roles. There was the Asian guardian guy, who was probably the most fun person in the whole movie. He was kinda crazy but totally cool person. And he can kick ass!!

Two other things i really liked were the music and the dragon.ASIAN music and melodies are love! And they even have a video with kids at the end playing those huge drums all as once. To the dragon part, i wasn't expected that good special effects. The movie is not exactly what you called high budget but that dragon was really awesome!! And it might cheeped me out a little the first time he appears.

I believe kids will surely enjoy the movie. Maybe people of the '90s too. It's not impressive but it was nice one time watch :)

Sorry but i couldn't find the original English trailer :/


  1. first this movie wasn't impressive it was just great. And second I think it was on china and the monk guardian guy was chinese...

  2. I saw the poster and I thought it was a book and that I'd love to read it....Then I saw it was a movie....You're right this is a better poster....I'd like to see the movie someday....

  3. I'm into movies like this thanks for the review. Sam Neil is definitely getting worse roles since Jurassic Park and The Tudors. Love these chosen/the one movies even if they get old.

  4. Just watched....great film for a family to watch! Loved the story and special effects were pretty good too. Drummers at the end were great!

  5. 我比较喜欢寻龙夺宝里面的中国龙䄬有五爪有九似


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