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Book Review: The Siege of Macindaw

In a desolate northern fief, Will is trying to find the fighting men he needs to overcome Sir Keren and his band of criminals. Across the border, the fierce Scotti tribesmen are waiting for the signal that Castle Macindaw is in friendly hands, and the way is clear to mount a full-scale attack.
Time is running out. Will's courage and ingenuity - and the arrival of an old friend - may be the only things that stand in their way. 

The Siege of Macindaw (Ranger's Apprentice #6) by John Flanagan
Paperback, 336 pages
Published at 2010, by Random House

If i have to say something about John Flanagan's books is that each next book is better than the previous one.

Right now, i think Siege of Macindaw is my favorite one. The story is more serious and more complicated than the rest and for once it has some good surprises. It has more action and some really clever siege ideas from Will. And in general became a little more adult-y than it was (they are middle grade books). Still i find annoying how small the books are. I wouldn't mind to read some more. I'm used to over 400 pages in the epic fantasy genre.

Again, we follow Will who now (from the previous book) is a ranger and on a mission. He has grown up and became a lovable character. At first i didn't like him because he was naive but now he has a really strong mind, ideas and beliefs which make him an interesting character to see having discussions and finding solutions to various problems, or how to treat other people. And of course my personal favorite, Horace is in once again. I think Horace is the character with the bigger changes through the books. Especially on how he thinks and acts towards other people. Everytime i like him a little more, and he is also lots of fun! 

There is also Alice's POV from time to time. A character which i'm not fan of. And i think it's mostly because she suddenly appears after 4 books and has a mayor part to play. You actually know nothing about her and it's really difficult to connect with her and understand her. Her chapters opposite Will's are quite boring.

Also, you get to see much more of Araluen and its people, traditions and places. Which is missing at the previous books. New kings, villages, sorceress, giants, etc.

If i have something to say that bothered me it's the romance part. It doesn't have strong roots and everytime it appears it feels totally out of place or the scenes. And the fact that is quite important for how the story ends, make it necessary to me for something better.

So far is the best and most interesting book of the series. Definitely made me to want to go on and get the next books. Flanagan's books are perfect for epic fantasy introduction.


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  1. Sounds good. I'll have to pick this series up.


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