Monday, August 29, 2011

Movie Review: Colombiana

A young woman grows up to be a stone-cold assassin after witnessing her parents' murder as a child in Bogota. She works for her uncle as a hitman by day, but her personal time is spent engaging in vigilante murders that she hopes will lead her to her ultimate target - the mobster responsible for her parents' death.


When I saw that the movie was from the directors of Taken i was psyched! The movie was not disappointing but not amazing either. The acting was very good, the main actors were very believable all but the "romance" of Cataleya who was a stiff thing that barely showed any emotion. Now, on to the main movie. The plot was nothing unique, girl's parents are murdered in front of her, she vows vengeance, trains to be an assassin and so on and so on.

Then we have the first fake scenes in the movie, when a 9 year old girl runs away in a VERY spectacular way, I assume she was trained since she was a kid, but still its a bit excessive, then she reaches her uncle (who was awesome!) and agrees to train her as a killer just like that, with no argument whatsoever. After we pass another fake scene we start getting into the point. The scenes of assassination were pretty impressive and well shot as expected and some were almost believable.

Other than that the movie was more or less the same action movies with assassins, in the assassination scenes i bet that the protagonist wore no bra on purpose to excite the boys with her titties and nipples and stuff, the effects were good.

Well, other than that i only have to say that the movie was worth its time. It is not nearly as good as Taken but it was an interesting movie to pass the time. The choice of watching it in the cinema is up to you. If you like those kind of movies you will find it was worth the time, if not, then just wait for it to be out on DVD or you will cry your money.


  1. I like assassins :D
    and what is better than assassins ? Female assassins :D and female ninja assassins but well you cant have everything...

  2. I want to watch this one....Thnx Johnny for the review....By the way, I agree with Silvestro....

  3. I like rangers, which are more or less frontline assassins so hey

  4. Looking forward to seeing this. :)

  5. I decided to watch this movie because I thought that the plot was very interesting and also Zoe Saldana is one of my favorite actresses. I actually saw it at the cinema and I am very glad I did because I really enjoyed it.

    First of all the story begins with Amandla Stenberg; she plays the lead, Cataleya, who, as a nine-year-old, witnesses her parents' murders, I have read many reviews and a lot of them praise the young actress but I was not very impressed by her performance, she did not display genuine terror in a very important scene at the beginning of the movie, when she talked to her parents' murderer. Also it was very unrealistic how she escaped from four or five men and ended in Chicago safe at her uncles house..

    She later grows into Zoe Saldana and then the action begins. Cataleya works for her uncle, he takes the jobs, reviews them and then Cataleya kills. Her murders are very dramatic, she wears a catsuit and stages the crime scenes, she even paints in her victims chest a Colombian flower known as “Cataleya”. All that staging is a message for her parents killers, but it only gets to them when the FBI decides to go public with her case.

    Cataleya is evolved romantically with Danny Delaney, an artist. Their relationship is sub story that gives an other dimension to the movie. Cataleya is not only a determined killer, but also a woman that falls in love. It is a cliché but I liked their love story, they made a great couple and the chemistry between them was amazing.

    To sum up, it is an action film, so be prepared for a lot of meaningless shooting and killing and screaming. Generally I really liked the movie because the action was good, the performances were great, all the actors did a great job and also Cataleya's story was a story of survival, revenge and love which is always fun to watch! For me it was a 7.5/10.


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