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Guild Wars: Nightfall Campaign Review

For characters native to Elona, the story begins as they join the Order of the Sunspears on the island province of Istan as promising new recruits along with a headstrong but loyal young warrior named Koss. As Spearmarshal Kormir is giving them a basic introductory greeting they discover that Corsairs have assaulted nearby Chahbek Village and they are immediately put to the test as they try to save the village from the pillaging and plundering. This latest assault is one of many recent increased Corsair attacks on Istan.
After defeating the Corsairs in the Chahbek VillageDunkoro, a wise military strategist and veteran monk. Curiously, they are challenged in a test by General Morgahn of the Kournan military which has been heavily present on the Island of Istan conducting unknown business. mission, the new recruits begin to train and rise in the ranks of the Sunspears. Before long, they are introduced to
Part of this unknown business becomes known as a Kournan emissary asks the players to investigate this young Kournan woman named Melonni who is snooping around asking questions that seem to relate to what the Kournans are doing. The players meet with Melonni only to discover an entire excavation team sent by Kormir to investigate some ancient ruins was wiped out and strange glowing purple marks left on their bodies. Strangely, soon after this happened, armed Kournan crews rushed into the site to do some excavation of their own.

Now in this review i will review things more in depth regarding guild wars as well as reviewing the campaign as it is. Most of you could say that its the same game that will be reviewed 4 times, but trust me when I say its not. It might be all connected in a way that every piece will create a final single game but each campaign (and the expansion) have distinctive differences. Its much like the Warcraft series, they are all in the same world, but each game had a different story. So shall we?

Since this is the final campaign of the Guild Wars series (yes i finished the first the third and the last before the second :P) there are many new features and improvements.

>2 New Classes: The Paragon who is a fighter/buffer who throws spears from a medium distance and enhances the abilities of his party members with shouts and chants making them stronger, healing them, giving additional effects to their attacks etc. The Paragon is a very interesting class and ranking 3rd on my top 5 classes (Rangers are first). The Paragon relies heavily on the party meaning that the more people around him, the deadlier he becomes since many of his skills, especially healing ones, rely on the allies around him.
The second new class is the Dervish, a scythe wielding warrior that his role mainly involves him/her charging in the enemy lines, striking everyone around him/her. The dervish is the 2nd favorite class as they can tank or/and deal damage. They are also really tough to get.

>Improved Animations and graphics. I dont know if that is true but I have noticed a slight change in the details and depth of the graphics. The portals have a better animation, the horizon has more details and overall i think its a more visually impressive experience.

>Heroes: This campaign features something that in my opinion, changed the gameplay drastically. Instead of the usual henchmen you got to have who were pre-created npc's that were of a specific class and served a role as a "healer" or "fighter" to make up in case you could not have a party with actual players. Heroes are fully customized henchmen, that gain levels, you can learn skills for them equip them, improve their armor etc etc. In short? the heroes are more or less like additional characters. A lot stupider off course, but still far better than the henchmen.

>More Newbie Friendly: In Prophecies the first campaign, you were more or less thrown to the deep and asked to swim. But in Nightfall and Factions there is a more noob-friendly approach, with a first tutorial mission that will explain to you the basics of missions, party and gameplay, making it a lot easier for new players to the game to step on their feet and set of to their epic adventure!

The new storyline this time is probably one of the most interesting ones so far. It involves around the return of an evil god and bring about the end of the world as we know it. WELL NOT ON MY WATCH HE ISN'T! The story if by far the most epic of the series. With a siege, a daring escape, a hideout, countless battles and finally a clash with a god! Arena net made sure that almost all mmo games are left behind in terms of epicness. What is also better is that Heroes have their own stories as well, so in various situations in the campaign you will have to make choices that will affect which heroes will join your party and what turn will the story will take. The story itself although not particularly unique keeps the player interested and, as all guild wars games, makes me actually FEEL like the protagonist. So dont expect you to be all mighty commander and then receive a quest that you have to go gather spider legs because a hunter is too bored to move.
In the epic conclusion where you actually kill a god although I expected it to be, excessive, it wasnt. The whole battle and the death made absolute sense since from the beginning of the campaign you know that "You never fight alone" as Kormir says. Also despite the fact that you win the battle the reason you dont die from the amount of energy released by a god is due to a sacrifice of another character, actually making you the follower, or second in command than being the all badass hero.

Finally another aspect that was more intense here was the humor that guild wars has. From funny dances to situations, to one-liners, Arena net made sure that even through your most epic moments you will have something that will make you smile or laugh. Particularly amazing is the movie quotes that sometimes appear or the even some characters. Specifically you cant possibly not chuckle or at least smile, when during the tutorial mission one of your heroes Koss does questions that will lead to answers that will teach you, but in terms of the story he should know, resulting in the leader Kormir saying something along the lines of "Remind me to talk to you about your knowledge in tactics Koss" and Koss responding like a kid in trouble, or the most hillarious moment, when you are about to fight the final god-boss, and if all players do the dance emote, the boss actually dances back, killing them all in the end and the screen writes "You Got Served"

To Sum things up:

Nightfall is one of the most interesting campaigns. They made some extra additions. It has a captivating storyline, interesting npc characters, humor and off course the amazing gameplay and funny situations that are ever present in Guild Wars


  1. I want Guild Wars even though the universe is against me on this :'(

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