Monday, August 1, 2011

Mansfield Park, Movies Review

1999 Adaption
Penniless heroine Fanny Price is sent to live with wealthy relatives in 1800s England, where her wit and writing talent find the room -- and circumstance -- to grow. Her friendship with cousin Edmund evolves into a deep love, but Fanny is pursued by an eager suitor, whose sister is after Edmund. The film is loosely based on Jane Austen's most autobiographical novel.

I will try both to compare the two movies and review them at the same time. As you can see, even if their plot is the same they are almost entirely different. Already at the posters, the main heroine has different appearance when they are based on a book with the same character. Now, i have to say that i haven't read this novel by Jane Austen so i can't say which of them both is more accurate.
I will call them MS1999 (1999 adaption - the black haired poster) and MS2007(2007 adaption - the blonde hair poster) while writing.

As all stories of Jane Austen. Mansfield Park has as main interest the life of a female character (mostly the love life). In this one we follow Fanny, who her mother gave her away to live with her rich aunts and how that turned out. Both movies, even if the follow the same storyline in general they have the events differently. Different reactions, chronologically different, entirely different situations. They do have similarities but their differences are many more. Except that, MS1999 is giving us more info in Fanny's life (both when she was a child and as an adult) and it also lasts longer.
2007 Adaption

As for the acting part, firstly i have to say i liked the choices of MS2007 much more. I felt they match better to the characters. And secondly, again in MS2007 even though you have less story to see you actually understand and see more than MS1999 because of the acting. The connection between the characters was surprisingly good and i was pretty impressed of their acting in general. The atmosphere between Edmond and Fanny is strong. On the other hand, MS1999 felt empty.

Lastly, if i have to talk about cinematography,music, direction...again MS2007 was better. The places were full of life and felt real. They were part of the movie instead of just exist and being empty. The music was also connected better with the scenes. I felt like they cared a little more of what the result will be.

Since i haven't read the book, i don't know which was closer. They are both average movies but as i've seen them, i enjoyed a lot more MS2007 since it actually made me understand Fanny better.

MS1999 Cast: Amelia Warner, James Purefoy (Solomon Kane), Lindsay Duncan, Frances O'Connor (A.I.), Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey)

MS2007 Cast: Billie Piper (Doctor Who), Blake Ritson (Emma), Hayley Atwell (Captain America, The Dutchess), James D'Arcy (Master and Commander), Michelle Ryan (EastEnders), Catherine Steadman (The Tudors), Douglas Hodge (Robin Hood)

Sorry but there is no trailer in English for MS2007 :/


  1. these movies don't have action, adventure or endless amounds of humour and to top that they are average, sorry but they sound boring to me XD

  2. Many people do. No worries :P

  3. I've seen Pride & Prejudice but haven't read the book. Really great review. I think this time around the modern adaptation of the movie was better.

    Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension (


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