Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pirates Of Black Cove Game Review

It's the 16th century, the golden era of pirates, and this is your chance to become the pirate king and conquer the Caribbean. Start out as a humble pirate and earn fame and notoriety to become a recognized pirate captain.

Eventually you will be able to join infamous pirate strongholds like Port Royal, Tortuga and others. Getting promotions within the pirate brotherhood requires force, daring, guile and even deceit. But be careful because other pirates will be competing for promotions too. However, bribery, favors and outright assassinations will assure you climb the ranks faster. As you are promoted to higher ranks, you will own, manage and develop parts of the stronghold and entice other captains to join your fleet. After building your fleet destroy the other two pirate strongholds to become the King of All Pirates. Combining elements from fast-paced naval action to light town management, Conquest of the Caribbean is a game no pirate fan should miss.


Roam the open World with your Pirate crew and pick up missions as you sail the seas.

Notoriety and fame brings you closer to your ultimate goal: the King of All Pirates

Battle it out with rival pirates and nations on both land and sea

Experience life as a pirate through three campaigns and eras

Gather famous pirates to your crew, but be sure to keep them supplied with rum or they'll side with your rivals

Select your character from several different Pirate Captains, each with their own unique skills and features!


Oh I love being a space pirate, all this ambushing and looting unsuspected cargo ships just passing through my area... totaly cool, and the booty is great :D
But enough talk about me, let's see what the latest cargo ship had on board.
Oh nice it is a pirate PC game, I love pretending to be a pirate XD

I have played many pirate games and all of them dissapointed me at the end for one reason or the other. My favorite ones were the Sid Meir's Pirates and the Pirates of the black cove.

Gameplay: This game has really the best gameplay out of all the pirate games I have played so far. It has a pretty nice naval combat system and a real time strategy battle system in land that I haven't seen before in a pirate game. The bad thing about this is that the units move too slow and it can get a bit boring in big land quests. Also they added the warcraft style hero system with levels and skills.

Story: The story, if you watch it, because most people just skip the dialogues, is average to nice and the game has some interesting cutscenes that totaly captivate the pirate era spirit with the music and the voice acting. The bad thing here is that after a while you notice that you are doing the same thing over and over again, it is actually a repeting pattern of land and naval combats with different enemies and on different stages, if you like the game's battle system you will have no problem with that.

Graphics: the graphics are surprisingly good, the camera is always at a distance giving the developers the chance to take the environment animations to another level without having to worry about the little details on the character models. The negative side is that I encountered many graphic related bugs that units on land got stuck between 2 planks on a bridge for example or between a wall and a torch.

Overall it is a fun game to play but it is a bit above average, it was another small disapointement in the pirate game industry for me, I recommend to buy it only if it gets below 10€.

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  1. I can't say that I have played a pirate game so far. The review makes me think that I may not want to start any time soon.


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