Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Poster / Cover Awards - August 2011

Another new meme! Hope you enjoy it!!! ^^

How it works?
We post the poster/covers of a book and a movie with the first thought in our mind when we see them and pick the winner!
When posted?
Once each month.
by Yiota

Poster Nominees - Fringe TV Series

They don't tell you much of the series. Actually none of the posters are really close but those two look really cool. And if you take a closer look at the black poster, on Olivia's hair there are math equations :p Nice idea! And the blue one, make me feel like she is dreaming about something really cool and i want to know more!

Cover Nominees - The Emerald Atlas

I have to admit that i like all of them for different reasons. But this one has looks magical, creepy and interesting at the same time. It might be a little simpler on graphics against the others but if you have read the book, it actually tells you more of the story.

Which ones you will pick? Do you have the same reactions like me when you see them?


  1. from the fringe series I would choose the badass posters :D
    for the emerald atlas I like your choice ;)

  2. I loved Olivia and that one with her in the water is my fav.

  3. all the fringe posters are great, but the one with Olivia underwater is my favorite too!!

    the pictures during the episodes are amazing too, usually i pause the episode to observe them !


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