Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hydrophobia Prophesy Game Review

Hydrophobia: Prophecy is the ultimate version of this jaw-dropping action-adventure set onboard a floating city, where terrorists take control and heroine Kate has to overcome her haunting childhood memories to fight back using all her skills and expertise as a systems engineer

2051. The world has become consumed by the ever rising tide of the global population flood. Fertile land has been reclaimed by rising oceans and expanding deserts, resulting in famine and poverty on an unprecedented scale. Water is now mankind's most precious resource, and conflict erupts wherever it flows

A new political and ideological struggle has arisen. On one side are the Malthusians, who seek to control and reduce the global population On the other side the Cornucopians, who want to find a technological solution to feed it. As desperation turns to despair, extremists on both sides are emerging

Only one buble of the old capitalist world survives. The Queen of the World is the largest ship ever to grace the oceans, a colossal city at sea where the wealthy elite live in exile from the chaos which surrounds them. Onboard this stateless paradise the Five Founding Fathers set about pursuing their Cornucopian research unimpeded

The contempt of the outside world is offset by NanoCell Corporation one of the five, who promise to develop nano-technology to purify sea water at the molecular level and make the deserts bloom with the food of the world. But as they move closer to their goal, the bitterness of fanatical Malthusians grows

The so called 'Neo Malthusians' timed their attack perfectly. 9.8 billion watched as they recast hope as hatred, following a prophecy to commit global genocide; drowning the planet with blood as they slash the worlds population to a mere half billion righteous souls'. A prophecy they will soon find themselves in a position to fulfil


Fast-paced action and breathtaking visuals; engage mind blowing "flow combat" unique floating cover where emergent gameplay results in a never-the-same-experience

Unleash floating oil fires, electricity and the power of the water to wipe out your enemy as you discover the terrifying truth of the Malthusian prophecy

Campaign includes puzzles, platforming and combat with Hydro-kinetic powers to ultimately control the water and culminates in a unique stand off battle where the player has to unleash the awesome power of tempest against her Malthusian nemesis

Over 200 collectables, 12 achievements and as an added bonus, players can unlock an epic Challenge Room


Sorry about this but I will have to review this game the angry way...

Story: They had a wonderfull idea, they had a floating city, nano-biological terrorists, crazy millitary commandos, the best hacking minigame I have seen, and to top all that a nanobot buffed engineer who can control WATER, in a sinking floating city, a waterbender, and they just decided to take their idea, rip it, dip it in a buttload of shit and make us sip it while laughing behind our backs counting their money. They made a 3 HOUR campaign :O
WTF guys, even arcade games without save has more duration than that, and don't even speak about the extra challenges, those are EXTRAS they are not supposed to cover for the lack of campaign !
And from those 3 hours the first one is without weapons :'( You just run around climbing, hiding and hacking, the next one and a half hours are with the most epic handgun ever, it shoots sonic rounds, electric rounds, exploding rounds, semiautomatic rounds and even delayed bombs :O I wouldn't be surprised to find pokemon rounds for this handgun. The last half hour is with the nanobots that enables the heroine to control water, waterbend for the avatar funs, and how did they implement this awesome idea ? They made her raise thin, tall waves, like fat water tentacles, that pick up objects and enemies and hurl them away -.-
Seriously corporate developers ? so much have you been corrupted by little work - many money ? They got bored to add 2-3 animations so that we could use the waterbending ability !
I don't know about you but I would make floating water discs that fly around me at high speed protecting me from bullets and cutting enemies in half :D

Gameplay: The classic FPS/Adventure gameplay with some additions to make the movement and climbing more fluid, nothing special here except the fact that the developers made it so hard to control the waterbending abilitie that noone wants to do it even though it is fucking awesome :O
Seriously guys who decided to make the player keep pressing 1 keyboard button and 1 mouse button at the same time just to target the ability and then press 1 more button to fire it...

Graphics: I admit that the graphics are very nice, especially the water movements and the "wet camera" effects all around the game. But that is all, there are no breakthroughs or something, they just used the graphics engines they had already from other games :(

Overall don't buy this game, it took those very awesome ideas and fucked them up.

Don't buy this game @ anywhere.


  1. Oh I have the first comment here, nice one more first place for my comments :D

  2. well the overview kinda spells FAIL from the hypermarketing they did. I mean : "Hydrophobia: Prophecy is the ultimate version of this jaw-dropping action-adventure set onboard a floating city" really? ultimate, jaw-dropping, action-super amazing wow explosions and fireworks? It kinda sounds like "please buy us we want to get rid of this crap"


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