Friday, December 24, 2010

Bye Bye Johnny!

This is probably a useless post for those who care only about reviews but anyway...Our beloved author Johnny (and my best friend) is leaving in two days. He is not leaving the blog of course, he wouldn't dare. He is going to Boston for about 6 months for a surgery.
So my message to beloved wolf boy:

Wish you all the best with whatever you do there ( i always have problem to remember things i don't understand but i hope everything to be perfect). I hope your mother is right and it's less than 6 months:o It's half a year man and i know that had happened before, but well yeah..we weren't so close then and i didn't felt the difference that much (though i remember you calling at midnight when i was sleepy!!Mean person!). Also, find a way to get internet where you stay. I don't care how you will find it but do it. First, i will die of loneliness without someone at msn. Second, we need to finish the awesome story we write right now ( i need to have a good love story in this one and if we stop it we will have problem later!). Third, telephone is expensive so please....Fourth, you need to write at the blog. Don't use your situation as an excuse! I'm not accepting that! Fifth...there is no fifth for the internet situation. What else...i promise i will see a lot of movies without you and make you jealous about it later! Be back soon though, cause we really need to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4 together! I really suck cause i can't see you again til then but well...we had our little goodbye party by watching Tron Legacy, so we are good! I write useless things, but i know you will love it. I will be a good kid when you are away, so i'm expecting you the same (don't get on the nerves of the doctors). 
And if you come back totally healed and perfect and of course more awesome than you are..we will go together for the tattoo! ( I will do a little dragon of course!). 

Well, talk ya tomorrow stupid XD 
Merru Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Easter, Happy Birthday - no that's will be here then...ermm..Happy Johnny Day, Happy whatever else :)
I will miss you! <3 ( that's sisterly love..don't get ur hopes up)



  1. I have to say that this is an awesome post....How thoughtfull Yiota....

    Anyway, have a nice trip and get well, Johnny....

  2. Such a sweet post .. It's so nice of you, Yiota!
    Johnny, I hope you get well soon so that you can come back and watch POTC 4 with Yiota :) Have a good trip!

  3. Thank you all for the wishes! Yiota you really manage to put a smile and all tingly feelings inside :P. I really thank you for your wishes and dude, i have a few comments. 1st I will hopefully find msn so we will continue the awesome story(ies), 2nd I will write at the blog first chance I get so no worries there, 3rd when I get back all awesome we WILL go and blow up one of the crutches (it just HAS to be done) and 4th in case a weird accident/expiriment/thing happens and I manage to become an awesome werewolf caught in the middle of a magical war of whatever I will DEFINETELLY get you involved :P Promise. Though please dont try to slip and fall off a building while we are being chased by bad guys, it is just offending to die that way :P

  4. 1. YES!
    2. You don't really have a word on it.
    3. How we will do that? :o
    4. thank you! and i will try not to least not from a building. I guess it's ok to fall of the chairs :D

  5. hey! i hope u have a safe trip and everything goes the way you want to! i was so happy to finally meet u, see you again at march with the tatoo of course !!! =)

  6. XD thanks Athanasia! likewise! the pleasure of meeting you was entirelly...yours :P just kidding, i was happy to meet you as well! See you soon as a co-uni student as well, hopefully :D


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