Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We Listen: Red Discography

Red [2] is a Christian hard rock band from Nashville, Tennessee that was established in 2004. To date, Red have released two studio albums - End of Silence (2006) and Innocence & Instinct (2009) with their third, Until We Have Faces, due to be released in February 2011. Both of the first two albums earned the group Grammy Award Nominations for Best Rock Gospel Album.Red was officially formed by guitarist Anthony Armstrong, his bassist identical twin brother Randy Armstrong, lead vocalist Michael Barnes, and guitaristJasen Rauch. According to the End of Silence album booklet, Rauch is the band's primary composer. Enlisting the talents of Grammy-nominated and Dove award-winning rock producer, Rob Graves, Red signed a development contract with Graves' independent production company. After recording several demo songs, the band was quickly signed by Sony BMG imprint, Essential Records. Andrew Hendrix parted ways with the band and after an extended search, the band chose Hayden Lamb (twin brother of former Paramore guitarist, Hunter Lamb) as his replacement on drums. As a result of his successful early work with Red, Graves was chosen to produce the band's debut album End of Silence.

When asked if they are a "Christian band," Anthony Armstrong states, "We always like to call ourselves a Christian band because that’s what we are. If they ask us if we’re a Christian band, we tell them yes. And if they ask us why, we tell them why."[1]

The band is well known for their fiery live shows, performing an impressive 1000+ concerts since End of Silence was released. They played alongside bands such as Flyleaf, Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, Kutless, and Pillar, as well as mainstream rockers Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Seether, Papa Roach, Staind, Puddle of Mudd, and many more.

I actually found out about red by watching a video with game boss fights while i was looking for lotr soundtracks...I know...what the hell right? Anyway, Red have 2 albums which are pretty amazing because they have managed to marry orchestral music in the backround with hard rock music (Breathe Into Me is a great example). I was suprised to find out that they are a Christian rock, band since my idea of Christian rock was...well people singing about Jesus Christ with guitars :P. I strongly reccomend them to people that are fans of rock and hard rock, though people that like more soft things like balads would as well find a couple of songs that are incredible. I would also want to turn your attention to an amazing cover they have made of the song Ordinary World. If you check them out be SURE to look up for it. Anyway, i dont really know what else to say about the fact. I will post a few of my favorite songs bellow so you can check them out.

Could not find more that I could put here...they are either unavailable due to copywrite issues with Sony music, or they have been dissabled to embed or however its called


  1. hey! that's avery good we listen! good job =)
    i really liked the songs you proposed i'm definately checking them out. it's the first time i hear their songs but i liked them very much.

  2. off course you do! everything i hear is awesome!!! (except when I scream, when I scream its not awesome...no...not at all) :P:P
    Real answer:
    Thanks Athanasia :D (i got it right this time) If you like them i strongly suggest that you get them.....you know how....I heard that the HUA computers are amazing in those kind of things ;)

  3. @JohnnyB: haha!! who says those things??? =O it's all lies ! hua computers are the best ! XD
    thnx for he review, i will check them out !

  4. @Athanasia *whisper) I think this is the time we pretend this conversation did not happen...shhhhh :P

  5. Thanks for the review! I will check out their songs . Its great to find new bands.


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