Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nina Wilde/Edie Chase 1: The Hunt For Atlantis Review

Following in the tradition of Clive Cussler and Matthew Reilly, Andy McDermott takes us a roller-coaster ride in search of the legendary Atlantis. Archaeologist Nina Wilde believes she has found the location of the lost city of Atlantis and now she wants the opportunity to prove her theory. Someone else though wants her dead! With the help of ex-SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase and beautiful heiress Kari Frost, Nina faces a breakneck race against time around the world, pursued at every step by agents of the mysterious -- and murderous -- Brotherhood of Selasphoros. From the jungles of Brazil to the mountains of Tibet, from the streets of Manhattan to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, the hunt for Atlantis leads to a secret hidden for 11,000 years -- which in the wrong hands could destroy civilization as we know it... 
Awesome awesome awesome! I'm so happy i finally got this one (it was at my TBR for over 2 years i believe XD).
Nina's Wilde parents die while they were searching for Atlantis. Ten years later, Nina continues the tradition and finally she knows where Atlantis is. The thing is that many people don't want Atlantis to be found and others want it really bad. So she is somewhere between. One of the richest persons in the world give her anything she wants for the expedition, from money to bodyguards. And the adventure begins. Traveling around the world for some last clues, she and her company learns new stuff and everytime they survive by luck. And when she finds Atlantis? Well..even then there are much more that need to be done..
The story is something like Indiana Jones, Sydney Fox, National Treasure...but a big difference? I liked it much more. For starters, it's Atlantis we are talking here and let's say i can read about without tiring for days. Then we have a story with so much action, and yet every little adventure in it is different than all the others. It surprises you and even when you know that something bad will happen you can't guess what it will be. The characters are so good described and there is variety on what everyone is or how acts. Funny, shy, talkative, annoying, clever..i believe you will find almost every thing in. Only bad part is that you get to know much of their back stories. Though there are many more books to come so i get we will find out something more later.

My favourite characters were Nina and Eddie. Nina has a such amazing knowledge of history. She is a fast mind and solves problems really fast. At the same time, she is really funny and i could easily be friend with her. She is not the person who will try to show you how much she knows or you will get bored when she talks about history. Sometimes is also a bit naive and she tries to be away from the action. Not that she succeeds but anyway...
Eddie on the other hand, is the bodyguard who used to SAS. While at start you might think, that he is the usual soldier thing that most are used to, he is such a clever person and he tries to be in and understand the "big" minds. I think he is the usual guy. Funny, sometimes rude but also there for you, always joking with everyone but also the most serious person about his work. Even i could feel safe around him. 
I have to admit though, all the characters were pretty interesting and i loved to read about them. It's such a team! 
I seriously can't wait to have at my hands the next ones. I have already ordered the next two. Hehe..If you like adventures (with no magic, you know in the real worlds....) you will love it!


  1. Like Indiana Jones? I am definitely reading this one. Its awesome how I find books in your blog which I would have never found otherwise.
    Thank you!

  2. Hahaha...yeah sometimes i can find some really unknown books. Most bloggers review the popular stuff. I really hope you enjoy it if you get it:D

  3. This sounds like a really interesting book. I'm a child of the 80s so I basically know the Indiana Jones movies frame by frame.

  4. Sounds interesting....I want to read it....The girl has the same name with me....

  5. I don't believe her it's from Constantina though :P

  6. You just spoiled my name, Yiota....


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