Friday, December 24, 2010

Vampire Diaries: The Fury & The Reunion

The Fury: Faced with an ancient evil, Stefan and Damon must stop their feuding and join forces with Elena to confirm it. But in so doing, they are unwittingly sealing her fate.
The Reunion: Elena summons the vampire trio once more to unite and challenge their fate. Together they will be called to face the most terrifying evil Fell's Church has ever known.

This is the second book of Vampire Diaries I've read. Actually it's the third and the forth book Smith wrote. Let me explain: Smith wrote the first trilogy and in the same year (1991) she wrote another book, just because the readers asked her to. After more that ten years (2007), she decides to write another trilogy and after that (2010), she signs for a third one. So, now you can find seven books of the Vampire Diaries novels and you can expect three more.

The third book starts form where the second one left you. Elena is changed, she has amnesia and she has to learn a whole new lifestyle. After that she has to find out the power that is over Fell Church and try to stop it, with the help of her friends and the two vampires in her life, Stefan and Damon.
The forth book starts a little bit later from the other's end. Here, Bonnie is having dreams about Elena, in which she asks Bonnie's help. She believes that something bad in going on, so she summons Stefan and, accidentally, Damon to figure it out and help Elena.

Well, I have to admit that I liked the way the first trilogy ended and that the forth book was making things more complicated. The writting part was in the same level, as the previous. Written by a woman, the book was full of emotion, even in parts where you are anxious to see what is happening next.

Despite the bad things, I have to say that I enjoyed it and that I recommend it to you for the same reasons I recommended the previous one.

P.S. Yiota, Athanasia and Johnny there are so many things I want to talk to you about, little details in the book that I couldn't write in here, because I could easily spoil the story. In other words, WE NEED TO MEET.


  1. I love the show and I think I will read the books too. The books sound so different from the show though..

  2. It's so different than the show :o


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