Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Movies VS Books: Harry Potter And Prisoner Of Azkaban

It's my Yiota again and i continue with the Harry Potter movies vs books. We finally got at Prisoner of Azkaban. My favourite Harry Potter book!

Story Summary: Harry Potter is having a tough time with his relatives (yet again). He runs away after using magic to inflate Uncle Vernon's sister Marge who was being offensive towards Harry's parents. Initially scared for using magic outside the school, he is pleasantly surprised that he won't be penalized after all. However, he soon learns that a dangerous criminal and Voldemort's trusted aide Sirius Black has escaped from the Azkaban prison and wants to kill Harry to avenge the Dark Lord. To worsen the conditions for Harry, vile shape-shifters called Dementors are appointed to guard the school gates and inexplicably happen to have the most horrible effect on him. Little does Harry know that by the end of this year, many holes in his past (whatever he knows of it) will be filled up and he will have a clearer vision of what the future has in store...

Where the book wins:
It's better than the movie in all the aspects. More info on the story, better scenes at Hogwarts and Hogsmead. In every aspect if really wanna know the Prisoner of Azkaban well you need to read the book. You get better look to old and new characters.

Where the Movie wins:
Ermm..nowhere? Alfonso Cauron did a really bad job with it. The world loses its magic. You barely see the trio wearing the wizards robes, parts of the story were changed. The scenes change in a weird and really fast way. It might be better explained the whole thing with the time travel though. But that's all for me. Worst Harry Potter movie XD

Final Winner: The Book


  1. You thought that one was the worst? A lot of people say that PoA was the best one and GoF was the worst. Lol different views I guess. I actually liked PoA though. I thought it was different and witty which was epic and a nice change from the friendliness to the darkness. Just like the book. Lol But of course I always love the books better =D

  2. Really? I didn't feel the magic at all at this one! GoF wasn't the best but it was closer to Rowling's world. And at this one they change so many things! Or they don't explain them well at all. The whole set up of the movie wasn't ok for me. The way the scenes were changing with the tree at the seasons. Didn't make sense and it was spoiling a lot. That's what i got :/

    Haha..well..i know other people who like it too.

  3. i'm gonna say one more time that a film can't capture Rowling's writing. i agree that the book is the winner in this one!

    haven't donne my HP marathon yet, but know i have to, cuz u're already in book no 3 !

  4. Third film is the worst????? What?? :D
    Not that I relying my preferences on what the critics have to say, but PoA film is one of the most well-praised HP film ever. I, too, found it to be well-made. Sure, the magic might be lacking, but at least we get to see a more artistic rendering of an interpretation of a Harry Potter film, which was lost in the next three movies.

  5. You make some great points! I think I was most annoyed at this movie for the characterizations of Ron and Hermione. Ron was totally reduced to the only-good-for-laughs-and-making-stupid-faces character. They gave all of Ron's serious lines from the book to Hermione. And then Hermione's character had that really horrific, vain comment, "Is that really what my hair looks like from the back?" Ugh! Hermione would never say that! She doesn't care what her hair looks like from the back!

  6. I completely agree with you ! The movie was awful. Though personally I felt that the 5th movie was the worst of all.

  7. I see that everyone has different perceptive. I guess it's somewhere in the middle as a movie then.

    I'm happy that i did Harry Potter VS! I love different opinions!

  8. I must agree with you. This movie gets boring. And usually I like watching movies over and over again. But this one I am kind of bores when I watch. Also because of the walking back in time thing. Which take up a lot of time. So you know mostly of the time, what is happening.

    Books are mostly the best :P You get more info etc. :)

  9. personally I enjoyed the movie more than the previous 2 for one reason only, it was darker, and when I say darker I mean in a more ominous and even terrifying way. Yes they butchered Ron, yes you miss the whole magic thing, yes the scenes with the tree were random, but lets all be honest. It was a good change from the previous 2 harry potters. Honestly the first 2 remind me of Christmass not Harry Potter. Anyways that is just my opinion, for me the book wins as well. Besides, they made the Werewolf looked as if he was wonder Lupin was pissed :P


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