Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Listen : 21st Century Breakdown, by Green Day

Green Day is an American punk rock band formed in 1987.The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist and backing vocalist Mike Dirnt, and drummer Tre Cool.

"my generation needs a hero, i never made it as a working class hero.."

1. "Song of the Century" 0:57 it's a very good intro for the cd
2. "21st Century Breakdown" 5:09 well, i's a great song, love the lyrics
3. "Know Your Enemy" 3:11 strong song, makes you want rebel !!
4. "?Viva la Gloria!" 3:31 good song, i prefere the refrain more
5. "Before the Lobotomy" 4:37 always perfect !! makes me wanna dance
6. "Christian's Inferno" 3:07 "hahaha", hasn't he a great voice ?
7. "Last Night on Earth" 3:57 more "romantic", slower song
8. "East Jesus Nowhere" 4:35 one of my favorits LOVE it ! just listen it
9. "Peacemaker" 3:24 omg when he sings fast in this song it's divine
10. "Last of the American Girls" 3:51 it's one of the songs you think its for you..
11. "Murder City" 2:54 also very good
12. "?Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl)" 3:48 "little girl..u dirty liar" exelent too
13. "Restless Heart Syndrome" 4:21 slow song, it's a good one
14. "Horseshoes and Handgrenades" 3:14 "im not fucking around.." so strong song
15. "The Static Age" 4:17 u wont hear a bad thing today! LOOOVE it, mostly the intro
16. "21 Guns" 5:21 good song, slower than the others
17. "American Eulogy" 4:26 (same intro like 1 ) good one too
18. "See the Light" 4:36 a very good ending !

omg, i wanted to make this week's we listen about an other band i really like and then it hit me. We have't done a we listen for Green Day.. Some bands are classic and GD is one of them, i remember when i was listening their previous album American Idiot and how inspired i was.. Remember the song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"? it's one of the best songs ever. I know i'm sentimental but GD inspired me. Now about 21st Century Breakdown one more time they did a great job. I was waiting their next album like crazy and they didn't let me down ! I have to say that i would recognise every GD song even if i didn't know it, Billie Joe's voice is so unique and so perfect for this type of songs. God you have to stop me or i'll keep talking about how great band they are!! Last but not least this album is in the same style with American Idiot, so if you liked that you will love this ! Enjoy =)


  1. What a great review....I've totally forgot about them....I'm working on a song list to put on my cell and I knew something was missing. Thnx for reminding me....

  2. Green Day is truly a classic . I probably have almost all of their songs on my cell.

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  4. Oh Green Day! From when i bought my ipod their songs are there! Never moved!
    I didn't really enjoyed this album though. Maybe cause my ears have change its taste.

    My favourite was their live cd with the dvd!Bullet in the bible. I have watch it, don't know how many times and all the songs i have there are from it. Billy Joe's voice is even greater live!

  5. @nina: thnx so much! i'm glad i helped
    @yiota: my favorite was american idiot


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