Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We Listen: Greatest Hits by P!nk

I don't know how many of you like P!nk but she is one of my favourites. I found her voice unique and she is one of those singers that didn't change their music sound for the money. And that's worth a lot! I remember the first time i heard one of her songs, it was while i was playing a game at PS2 - Let's Get The Part Started.
Her new album is a mic of her singles with 2-3 new songs only. Not much of a problem though, since all her songs are good.

Let's do the usual 1st though ;)

  1. Get The Party Started - Is there any better way to start the album? That's a classic!
  2. There You Go - So Pop! Didn't even recognize her!
  3. You Make Me Sick - Again a really pop one!
  4. Don't Let Me Get Me - Such a lovely sound
  5. Just Like A Pill - one of my favs
  6. Family Portrait - Yiota doesn't like:p
  7. Trouble - That's so funny! Have you seen the video? XD
  8. Stupid Girls - Clever! I get her!
  9. Who Knew - I might cried a little at the video
  10. U +Ur Hand - Girl Power!
  11. Dear Mr President - Have you seen the lyrics?:o My new fav of her!
  12. So What - I'm still rockstar! Woot!
  13. Sober - I like its melody so much, that i never pay attention to its lyrics
  14. Please Don't Leave Me - That's ok
  15. Bad Influence - Catchy sound
  16. Funhouse - This used to be a funhouse, but now is full evil clowns..LOL
  17. Raise Your Glass - Her best song ever! ;)
  18. Fucking Perfect - Her new ballad <3
  19. HeartBreak Down - Cool
Some videos for you!^^

And one which is not from the cd but love it!


  1. I love her! I was lucky enough to see her Funhouse tour in London last year and OMG she is amazing! The Funhouse song done live was out of this world!

    Unlike Yiota I adore Family Portrait - her voice is amazing on it. I think you've sold me on this one - I may have to treat myself ;)

  2. I love Pink too! Didn't know she had a greatest hits CD out. Gonna have to run out and grab it. Thanks for sharing....

  3. I didn't have any idea about this CD either! I need to buy it asap!

  4. well prepare yourselfs for a huge post! :

    pink is maybe my favorite female singer of all times, her voice is so unique, i can't stop listening her songs.

    Sober: yiota u have to listen to the lyrics, it's an amazing song, with a very controversial video clip ( i love the vc )

    Funhouse: all this time i thought it said "this used to be a funhouse, now it's were evil comes" seriously! love the song

    Trouble, Get The Party Started: are classics

    So What, Raise your glass: i love those songs

    yiota i'm so glad you did a we listen for pink, she is just great, i think crazy is the word that describes her the best!! lol

    ---------------->LOVE PINK<--------------------


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