Friday, December 24, 2010

First Impressions ( December 2010 ) - Part I

I recently got the first chapters of some books, from our local bookstore so i thought it would be good idea to write some first impressions about them.
The books at Part I are more about kids.
Part II will have: Legacy by Kayla Cluver, Stolen by Lucy Christopher, Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James, The Last Airbender Movie Prequel by Dave Romman. All of them will come tomorrow.

Click on the links for their summaries at Goodreads.

Monster High by Lisi Harrison
The book looks fun and enjoyable but for young girls mostly. And i'm not in a mood for something that simple right now. I'm sure if i will continue, it will be an easy and cute read but nothing more. I have to admit though the idea of a school with all the monsters in sounds cool. As i saw, from the first chapters our main heroes are actually heroines, a Frakenstain and a witch girl.

The Last Airbender Graphic Novel by Dave Roman
From the cover and only you can see that the characters don't look as designed at the Nickelodeon cartoon. So i was sure, i will not like the inside too. Of course, as expected, it was the movie version of the story which actually destroyed the original one. I didn't bother to read all the pages.

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker The Graphic Novel by Anthony Horowitz
Alex Rider...never read the books before but i have seen the movie. The illustrations in this were pretty good and i liked how it was done and written. The dialogues are a lot same as the movie, as far as i remember, so i guess it might be good adaption of the book too.

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang by Emma Thompson
Fantastic! If you have a kid and you are bored of the usual stories, get this one. If you just want a fun and good read get it as well. It's funny and most amazing of all it's the way its written. Imagine like you have the person who say story opposite you, and listening. It even has comments that we do as we speak! Loved it! Of course, if you have time get the movies too! They are amazing!


  1. I loved the Nanny McPhee movie lol I watched it with my young cousins. Monster High sounds fun.


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