Sunday, December 26, 2010

First Impressions ( December 2010 ) - Part II

And we are on First Impressions - Part II with books for teens or older. Click here to read Part I.

Click on the links for their summaries at Goodreads.

Famous by Simone Bryant
Actually i got this one from NetGaley and i stopped after the 3rd chapter. Famous is something like Gossip Girl, but cheaper and not that interesting. The girls are all around 16 and from famous families, and they already are the power of the school. I found their personalities annoying and with too much money on their head. Like they only live for money nad nothing more. I guess that someone younger than me might like it better.

Legacy by Cayla Kluver
Fantasy book! I'm so getting this one! It starts with a really mysterious tale about the kingdom of the girl that we follow, and now i'm all curious to see why this happened! Can't wait to buy it. And Cayla wrote the book when she only 14! WOW!

Stolen by Lucy Christopher
I'm not really sure about this. It seems interesting and with a good mystery, but something is off, confusing. Maybe it's the characters or maybe the writing. The book is written like the girl talking to her stalker. I don't have a clear opinion in mind right now.

Beautiful Malice by Rebcca James
The books is good but not as good as you might think before you start reading. Maybe it's a good thriller for younger people. For sure, at the end chapter the author knew how to make you wanna read more about of it. I'm thinking about it.

The Last Airbender Prequel Graphic Novel by Dave Romman
This one is much better than the Last Airbender novel. Thanks god, Zuko looks like the Nickelodeon one and not the movie one. Though, they do use his "movie" uncle. The little of the story i've read, it's same as the cartoon series. Hope it's the same at the next pages too.

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  1. Stolen is one of my favourite books of 2010 - disturbing but beautiful in a way. I hope you like it. I liked Beautiful Malice but it did not shock me or surprise me as everyone said it would - it was an ok read for me.


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