Saturday, December 25, 2010

Check Them Out! Our fav Blogs!

It's Christmas and i wanna share some love. Since we already have a giveaway, a post about New Year is already scheduled, the reviews are coming almost in dozens every week, i had to find something else. So it's time for bloggers love! In this post, i will share with you my favorite blogs! I don't feel it's nice to say "we" in this one, since i don't know what the rest guys like. You will tell me, why don't you ask the others too, but i'm the one who checking out ALL the blogs we follow and right now it's difficult to communicate fast with them as well. Now, don't get sad if you don't see yourself in them. No matter, who the favs are, we are supportive with everyone and commenting to as most blogs as we can.
Merry Christmas to everyone! :)

There is no specific order for the blogs.

The Ranting Dragon - @RantingDragon
You know how much i love fantasy and Ranting Dragon is by far my favourite fantasy blog. It's not only the variety of the fantasy reviews and or the almost daily new on new fantasy releases that get me into it. It's also the way they write their reviews, without too much but not small and empty too. Plus, the blog is perfectly organized and really easy to find anything i want in it. I love them, from their front image to their core. Plus, their name has the word "dragon" in. Dahhh!!

My Love Affair With Books - @Misha_1989
Our lovely affiliate!:D You want to read honest reviews and from various specific genres? Then that's your blog! Fantasy, YA, Historical Romance, Literary Fiction, Mystery, Thriller and many others! Misha and her sister blog about all of them, with famous or more infamous books. She also has some great features each week and make me add new books at my TBR all the time!

Reading Lassie - @ReadingLassie
Now Reading Lasie is a new blogger like us but she has already proved herself. Reviews and features in many books and most important about it..their honest. She posts what she believes about them, and not what some people will like to hear. PLus. she is a really amazing person and really supportive too!

Small Review
I believe that's the latest blog i added for follow. While the blog, is more about YA books what i find unique is, that you there you will find reviews about many infamous books too. So you need a place to read reviews about something different? Visit Small Review!

Bewitched Bookworms - @BwitchedBkworms
Last but not least, is Bewitched Bookworms! I'm sure all many of you might already know about it since it's pretty famous. What make it so interesting? Firstly, while they are new they still keep their quality ;) The fact that it also had 5 authors make their variety big, but also getting many different opinions on one book. Their post are always fun to read too. And not forget their amazing layout! One of the most beautiful blogs i have seen!

Now, i hope i didn't make anyone sad with no putting their blog in the list. If i did, sorry. Everyone has different taste. I don't say their blogs are the best, just that they are the ones I like more. I'm sure everyone has their usual visitors and fans :)


  1. I almost fell off my chair in shock! Huge *HUGS* to you! I'm so happy you enjoy reading my blog :D Thank you!

  2. I'm a huge fan of The Ranting Dragon as well! I am drawn in by the pretty pictures and design, but I agree as to the nice length of reviews, separated by headings for easy consumption.

  3. I love My Love Affair With Books and Bewitched Bookworms too! I am going to check out your other faves. Thanks for sharing.....

  4. Wow! Totally unexpected !!Thanks a zillion! You guys are awesome !
    *A big hug to you*

  5. @Misha & @Small Review: Oh guys! I'm so happy that you liked the post:D I really love your blogs so much!:)

    @Noobling: I know! I know many fantasy blogs but this!

    @Julie P: Yay!^^

  6. What a lovely post! Thank you so much for including us among all these great blogs! Happy Holidays and A Very Happy New Year!

  7. OoOoOoo I was MIA over Christmas but now I'm back. I am so sooooo flattered we are one of your favorite Blogs! It warms my heart, thank you soo much ! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and holidays!



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