Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Review

Return to the magic and wonder of C.S. Lewis' beloved world -- via the fantastic Narnian ship, the Dawn Treader. In this new installment of the blockbuster The Chronicles of Narnia motion picture franchise, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, along with their cousin Eustace, their royal friend King Caspian and a warrior mouse named Reepicheep, find themselves swallowed into a painting and onto the Dawn Treader. Their mission -- on which rests the fate of Narnia itself -- takes the courageous voyagers to mysterious islands and a river that turns to gold, to fateful confrontations with magical creatures and sinister enemies and to a reunion with their friend and protector, the Great Lion Aslan.

It's only two days since i watched Narnia III and i already miss it and want to re-watch it. It was so good and different than the previous ones! My fav Narnia so far (keep in mind that i haven't read any of the book except the first one, so i don't know the differences with its book).

For starters, i wanna say i watched the movie in 3D. It's the second time i watch a 3D at the cinemas and after the first time was a total failure (Clash of The Titans) i was a bit afraid about it. But then, justice! It was pretty good. I had about 4-5 moments i want back at my chair to avoid something and in the overall you were feeling that you were in it. Like you were in front of the characters or behind them, in the water, fighting. For sure, i'm happy i watch it in 3D.

Now on the movie itself. You finally get to see more Narnia. You are not in the lands anymore and you travel almost at the end of the world. It's full of action and magic, more funny and more interesting as well. I thought i will miss Piter and Susan but i didn't. Better without them.It also had a really beautiful soundtrack and great special effects (the effects at the trailers seems to lacking with the ones at the movie). Many of the old characters are back like Lucy (what a girl she became!), Edmond, Caspian ( i couldn't get my eyes away from him!<3), Ripitcheep and of course Aslan. Then there are new additions like Eustace, who is so annoying at the start but well then he..i can't tell you that:p
As you can see from the poster the ship is dragon shaped so the movie gets additional points from me for this. Plus, it has a golden dragon as well (more points from Yiota), who was one of the most well created dragons i have seen in a movie. Exactly how i love dragons just smaller.

Worth mentioning is that all of old actors were acting way better than before. Especially Lucy and Caspian, were fantastic! Also as Narnia is a christian fantasy book, you finally see the god messages more in this one.  Now, if you think that will dislike it cause of that, i will let you know that if i haven't told you about it, you wouldn't notice it. It doesn't really stands out that much.

So you people, go watch it! It's for all the fantasy lovers! And if you are thinking, that you need to watch the previous ones too then you are mistaken. It's not that big connection with the old ones. It's not like a story which continue so much.


  1. Ah, sounds so good! Really want to see that one, really liked the previous ones and if you say that this one is even better, then I want to see the third one for sure =) Aslan is amazing <3 :D

  2. i can sum up why I want to see this movie in two words:


    it's really not fair how hot that man is. ;)

  3. I'm looking forward to this one. I loved teh books as a young teen and ive liked both movies so far.


  4. I still have to watch this movie. You couldn't take your eyes of Caspian? If I were you, I wouldn't be able to also. haha
    Btw, Thanks for the review! I had heard some very mixed reactions from people about this movie.

  5. @Liesewiesje: yes yes Lisa! go!

    @redhead: i know! he And in this movie he is even more wow!:o

    @bookdout: i really hope you enjoy it!

    @Misha: Hey girl! He is mine! Take your hands of him XD
    Really? I know that Johnny liked it too, same for his sister.

  6. I went to see it yesterday and like you, I saw it in 3D. I haven't read the book either but I loved the way they bought the magic to life and we got to see mre of Narnia but I missed the bigger scale of the first 2 movies. I loved it but I liked the first 2 better. I agree about The Clash Of The Titans 3D not working very well at all, the best 3D movie I have seen is Avatar.

  7. I just watched it in the Cinema today in 3D.. And it was amazing.. I almost held my breath xD True the whole movie.. Didn´t of course. Because then I would be dead, but It felt like it :P

    Great review :)
    So much looking forward to see this one again :P when it gets out on DVD :D

  8. I'm looking forward to this one. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for your review!

  9. Kudos are deserved, though, for the sense engendered that Lucy and Edmund have finally grown up a little. It’s a pleasure to see them make it on their own. And Poulter’s portrayal of Eustace, while annoying at first, grows on you. And seeing him grow as a person is almost worth the price of admission. Almost.

    But, in the end, “Narnia” is supposed to invoke powerful feelings regarding growing up, coming into your own, having faith not only in yourself but in a greater power and in those around you. The only feeling you fight here is sleepiness. Let’s hope “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair,” which is scheduled to be released either late 2011 or early 2012, can bring the magic of Narnia back.


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