Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Education, Review

In 1961 London, Jenny Mellor is a 16-year-old schoolgirl who is on track to enter Oxford University when she meets a charming older man, David Goldman, who persues her romantically. He takes her to concerts, clubs and fine restaurants, and easily charms Jenny's parents into approving of the relationship.
An Education is a 2009 British coming-of-age film based on British journalist Lynn Barner's memoir of the same name.

I saw the movie last night and I really liked it. It was a light movie, one of those you can see when you want to spend a nice evening in your place, alone.

The story is about Jenny, a 16-year-old high-school student, who dreams to finish high-school, study English in Oxford and move to Paris. Her life seems boring until she meets David a man twice her age. He enters Jenny in a non-boring world and she learns how her life is going to be if she decides not to study.

About the actors:
Carey Milligan is a great actress and we see that through this movie. This is the movie that made her famous and despite the fact she was 24 years old when the movie was filming, she has an innocence that she could easily make you believe she is 16 years old.
Peter Sarsgaard was good for the role. He was David and his character was so good with Jenny. He was treating her with respect and took care of her.
Alfred Molina is Jenny's father. He was good too. His character was so naive that he couldn't understand when someone was fooling him or when he was offending someone.
Emma Tompsom, also stars. She was the high-school principal and her character was not good. She, on the other hand, is an amazing actress.

I really liked the directing part too. It shows you places the way they were on the 60's. Of course, that was not too difficult since in London and Paris the architecture stayed that way for many years. I liked the dresses and in general the style, not only in the clothes, but also in their lives. I could easily live that period of time. For those that care about, the soundtrack was also great. I love old songs, and there were plenty of those in the movie.

Bottom on, I really liked the movie and I enjoyed it a lot. And I recommend it to you, if you like those "old" movies.


  1. I really liked the movie too. Carey Mulligan is a great actress! I am really excited to watch Never Let Me go because of her.

  2. You really like old movies huh? I will admit, that i have never heard of this movie. Maybe because i'm not really interested in the kind. You know bigger guys-girl affairs.

  3. Misha: I want to see Never Let Me Go too, but not only because of Carey Mulligan....
    Yiota: I don't like affairs like this too, but there are lots to talk about this theme and you don't want to start this conversation in here....And about the old movies, well there are lots to talk about it too....Sorry....


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