Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ranger's Apprentice 4:The Oakleaf Bearers

In The Icebound Land, Evanlyn and Will have been captured and sold as slaves. As the time went on, Halt and Horace traveled across Gallica, defeating false knights, and ridding Gallica of the evil warlord Deparnieux. They are now in Gallica ready to board a ship and save Will. Meanwhile, Will has overcome his addiction to warmweed and finally regains his senses. Evanlyn, revealed to be Princess Cassandra, is out checking traps for food when she is taken hostage by the Temujai.
Halt and Horace, still on their rescue mission, find a gate of which a dozen Skandians lay dead, shot. Halt manages to recognise an arrow, shot by the Temujai and becomes instantly worried. Two decades ago, the Temujai had nearly conquered the world, but with politics and a dish of bad clams, the invasion was stopped. Halt and Horace, after managing to track the Temujai down, came to Will's aid and they try to get Evanlyn back.
Halt and the group, after being reunited, were then captured by Erak, the former Skandian who had set Evanlyn and Will free. Erak had been trying to track down the people who shot the Skandians at the other gate, and hastily came to a conclusion that Halt was the one who did it. Halt gave a list of reasons, which convinced the senior Jarl to listen to him. The Skandians have no chance, as they are greatly outnumbered and the Temujai have long-range archers, versus the Skandians one-on-one close combat.

The series gets better with each book. Although still the writing of the book still has some gaps in his descriptions (which i dont care cause the protagonist is a FUCKING Ranger!!!!) It does get better with each book. This book introduces more landscape in the Ranger's Apprentice world adding the Temujai tribes, a sort of Ghenkis Chan like warriors on horses etc etc. Anyway the book is rather interesting, and is probably the most action packed one since the main storyline involve a war. You mange to see the battle from the archer's perspective which is a pleasant change to the whole "I am a warrior-I have a sword- I charge and kill everyone" patern of most fantasy novels I have read. However the strongest part of the book are off course the Skandians, who give the word WARRIOR a new meaning entirelly. They are awesome, they listen to heavy metal, and they like to kick ass.. What's there not to like? (I might be overreacting on the heavy metal thing) I wont bother suggestng it, since the whole series I have read so far are pretty good books. Definitely a must series (especially if you like archery)


  1. What you said it's true. It's more interesting than the rest. We get to see much more of Flanagan's world.

  2. If they are not heavy metal warriors then that sounds suspiciously like techno-vikings...!

  3. techno-vikings, now that would be interesting

  4. u r sooo right! these books are effing HOT! i love them so much!


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