Saturday, January 8, 2011

ranger's Apprentice 3: The Icebound Land

This book continues from The Burning Bridge, where Will and Evanlyn are taken hostage to Skandia as captives of the Skandian Jarl, Erak.
Halt has sworn that he will rescue Will, but is forced to stay by the Ranger Commandant Crowley. He is so desperate to leave that he publicly insults the King who reluctantly banishes him for one year. Because Halt is banished, he is no longer a Ranger, and he sets off for Skandia. First, he travels through Gallica where he meets Horace, who is also determind to find Will. Horace joins him, travels as a freelance knight, defeats many other inadequate freelance knights, and wins horses and armor. Horace's reputation grows and he is captured by the horrible Lord Deparnieux of Castle Montsombre who desires to fight him. Halt, as a result, kills the warlord with a single, well-aimed arrow allowing Horace and him to get on a ship to Skandia.

Overall I found this book rather boring. Although I love the series, I think that this is one (if not the) most boring of it. And I find it boring because its a more of an intro book. What the book mostly does is introduce. It introduces the awesome Skandians, Erak (one of my personal favorite characters of the book), and shows the period of testing Will and Evanlyn have to endure as slaves. It also shows us the growing of Horace and Halt's friendship, as well as the warrior's slow shift from warrior to knight as he begins to witness and see some of the cruelties in the world. Overall not one of the best books, but as the series its still a must read.



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  2. Funny...i liked it more than the previous ones XD
    Dunno why...

    And that's the smallest review ever! Hahaha!

  3. you havent read after the oakleaf bearers thats why

  4. I said from the "previous ones" XD

  5. .........whatever :P

  6. I want to read it! The previous books are awesomeeeee!!! i loved it


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