Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Movie Review : Bad Teacher

About: The film concerns a foul-mouthed seventh grade teacher who is dumped by her sugar daddy and starts to pursue a colleague, which provokes conflict with the school's model teacher.

Review: I am just going to say AMAZING !! actually I am not the best person for this review because I love Cameron Diaz. Since I was little she was a role model for me, just a goddess! I decided to watch this movie because of her, I would watch anything if she was in. also I really liked the plot from the first time I read it.

First of all the story is really good. Many women can relate to Elizabeth Halsey and also many women can relate to Amy Squirrel. The scenario is based in real life situations and that makes the movie very interesting. I enjoyed this movie a lot because all the actors were great, Cameron Diaz played a common role for her but she nailed it, I was very exited to see Jason Segel in something else (from How I met your mother), Justin Timberlake and Lucy Punch were very funny too. Generally there was a great chemistry between the cast and that made the movie even better.

I have read many reviews about this movie online and some critics are very harsh because they think that it has cruel humor and it crosses a line because it has to do with children. I disagree because it is a comedy, it presents the whole situation with humor and digression, I didn't feel offended by any part of it.

To sum up I have to mention Cameron Diazs' outfits. She was amazingly dressed and her shoes were the best I have ever seen in a movie, the costumes for Cameron Diaz were picked by Yulia Gershenzon. She is the costumer of Cameron Diaz in many movies.


  1. I like Cameron Diaz, too. I'm totally looking forward to seeing her outfits and shoes now! Thanks for the name of the costume designer.

  2. Damn I thought Yiota already had reviewed this and that is the reason athanasia did the review before me :P

    The first thing I have to say is that I didn't notice Cameron's outfits and definitely I didn't notice her shoes, she was distracting in other aspects XD

    Also this movie was surprisingly not as boring as I was expecting it to be, mainly because it showed a more cynical side of women on romance.

  3. I really liked this movie! It was funny! I think my favorite was the gym teacher and Timberlake XD They were so awesome ^^
    I really missed Cameron Diaz in good comedies!

    Also, i have to say i loved the outfits as well! She was simply stunning!

    @Silvestro: You are lucky you didn't do it or i would have delete it :P Athanasia's name is in the Upcoming Reviews before the movie even came out XD Tsk tsk! You should check that certain page more :P

  4. I've seen this movie a while now....I really liked it, yes, I though it was a little weird, because the kids and the language weren't the perfect match, but then I read it's a comedy, not a family movie....
    I'm pretty sure I've noticed the outfits and especially the shoes (which I adore), but I can't remember them right now....
    Thnx for the review, I have to admit I was looking forward for it....

  5. the movie is average! the humor is inappropriate sometimes and timberlake is so lame! as for the fact that your role model has been cameron diaz, NO COMMENTS! (god!)


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