Friday, October 7, 2011

Friends With Benefits, Movie Review

While trying to avoid the cliches of Hollywood romantic comedies, Dylan and Jamie soon discover however that adding the act of sex to their friendship does lead to complications.

I think that the studios in Hollywood found out that the stories with fuckbudies are so profitable, that they decided to do another one. In case your wondering in this blog there is also a review of No Strings Attached, the other movie I've seen with the same theme.

In this movie, both characters, Dylan and Jamie, meet at the same time stricktly for business. They have recently broken up with they previous partners and they don't look for a relationship. They became good friends, since Dylan is new in the city and knows no one else except Jamie, and they inspire each other on their working field. And then they decide to start having sex, because it's the only thing missing their lives.

The directing part was great. I loved the way they shown you New York, it was like they were selling you a great life. And I really liked the script. It was very funny in certain scenes, like when they were having sex and they were giving each other instructions on how to do this and how to do that, the fact that they were just friends having sex and they were talking about their day during sex, it was like they were having dinner or coffee. It was part of their daily routine.

Now, Friends With Benefits, surprices you. When you're starting having the feeling that you know what's going to happen next, the characters make a decision that you don't expect. Also, the movie has more sex scenes, without showing too much nudity. Well, I guess if you are bothered with this, you may not want to watch it, but it was fine by me. The movie is not always funny. The main characters go throught many situations as they learn more about their families and try to deal with that.

About the acting: I liked all the actors, they all did a great job and they matched each other. As for the two lead ones they were really good. I've seen them both in more serious roles in the past, but they were as good in comedies as in dramas. They had no problem on doing what they were doing and that you could feel. Also, they must have been having a great time on the set, because it's contagious.

Bottom line, I really liked it. I can't say that Friends With Benefits is the same as No Strings Attached, because they are two different things. If you like those type of movies, romance comedies, I totally recomment it to you. Otherwise, you may as well skip it.

P.S. In case I reveiled too many things and I destroyed you're evening, I'm really sorry, but I had to mention couple things, in order this review to be made.


  1. Still i can't decide if i want to watch it or not XD

  2. I really want to see this, I love romantic comedies and it looks cute. Although I admit I'm getting bored with the surge of movies about f*** buddies.

  3. Yiota: It's just 1h 49min....It's not a big deal....

    Sarah: I get you....

  4. i am really exited about this one, but i didn't have the chance to watch it, will and then i'll comment again !!

  5. i saw it finally!! well i enjoyed the movie, it was funny and romantic as i expected it, but in the beginning i found it a little too fake.. both leading actors were great and it was a very well made movie.

    as for the "friends with benefits" thing, it sells so they will make movies..


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