Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Your Opinion

Yes i do plan to change template once again. We have this one for about 6 months i believe, and i have almost finished a new one. So probably at some time in December i will change it.

Now what i noticed at the new layout is that is even cleaner and faster than this one. Which both are good. And more light-y which would be a nice change.

My question now is, do you prefer to see "full posts" at the home page or "summary-read more" posts along with an avatar?

Full posts = are the ones we use right now
Summary posts= you need to click the read more to see the full post (pic below)

What i need from you is to vote at the poll bellow.

If you want to comment on something about the current template, or a change you would like to see feel free to tell me at the comments ^^

Thanks a lot!


  1. More of that AWESOME guy Johnnyb!!! WE LOVE YOU JOHNNY!!!!!

  2. There is even a song named after him XD

    JohnnyB :P

  3. You should ask him to write more then XD

  4. He sais he doesnt like his posts being modified. As the greatest fan of him I ask him everyday.

  5. I knew the song was saying JohnnyB, but the radio never said the bands name or the songs name to verify it....Thnx Silverstro....

    By the way, you both guys write really good and I enjoy to read your review, even though, I'm not a gamer....

  6. I voted - I much prefer full posts


There is lot of spam lately at the posts, so for a while i will put up the comment moderation. Sorry for that, i really don't like it but i thought it might stop the spamming. It will be down soon enough! Thanks a lot :)

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