Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things I have missed about Halloween

What most of you people don't know, and some of you might know is that my first officially taught language (meaning in school and stuff) was in fact English. "Then how come your English is so crappy?" you ask? Well simply because...well F**K you!!!! Just kidding...

I was around 3 when we first went to the states to deal with my medical condition but that one is a boring
story and blah blah. What happened is that during our stay there I actually went to kindergarten there. Yep, there between a bunch of Chicago kids going to their class around...somewhere there (I think it was Skokie) there was young me running around.

You are probably bored to tears right now asking yourselves "What the hell has this have to do with Halloween?". Well the fact is that I used to love Halloween and since most of you lucky bastards are experiencing it, I decided to write things that I remember from it and the reasons why I think it was cool.

Caramel Apples:

Quite seriously this is the first thing I miss the most from Halloween. I mean it describes everything! I still remember how excited I was every single time that I was allowed to have caramel apples since it was Halloween and was allowed to. Back then, I felt like I was the king of the world. Halloween meant caramel apples and no one could deny them from me. NO ONE!

Sweets/Trick or Treating:

Not sure if I ever went trick or treating, but I DO remember the tons of candy that was my birthright to consume back there. Yes, the pumpkin king was out to scare the crap out of everyone, and WE the kids were his loyal servants. And in return we got sweets. Who cares if it was cold, rainy or if there was a monsoon that made the roads flooding or whatever, candy was our right and woe to those that would deny us. Candy corn, chocolates, caramel apples, applejuice, pretty much even things that didnt even make sense for Halloween, we were all allowed to eat. And even if your parents would draw the line and state "You have eaten too much" there was always school where we could find candy from our awesome teachers, or maybe on a visit to a friendly house.

Also not sure but I think it must have been around Autumn when my parents scared the shit out of me when they talked about gingivitis (teridona, for you Greek friends) (also not sure if I translated it correctly)


Even as a kid I used to like the whole concept of ghosts and witches. Dont get me wrong, I was scared shitless of those things, but that didnt mean I wasnt fascinated by them. Hell I was 3 and "The Nightmare Before Christmass" was my favorite film (still is). So the fact that it was a festival with everything I found cool and nice meant that I would go bananas over it. I still remember as we gathered around at an old lady's class which unfortunately I dont remember her name. And me Ross and that other Asian girl we hanged out with when we were not fighting as we were "bound" to by our "clubs". Ok the previous sentence needs some explaining (At kindergarten i used to hang out and be BFF with 2 kids. Ross and that other girl i dont remember her name. I think they were both Asian people, well at least in my 3 year old mind they were, and we used to pretty much spend the time there together. As for the reason we fought with the girl is
because me and Ross had formed a club named team "Blue" or "hate pink" or generally something that from what I remember had to do with despising everything that was pink for the sole purpose of...well we hadnt really figured that out.

It was pink=it was girl=not boyish= we hated it. The other girl wanted to bust our balls so she formed team pink, and she annoyed the hell out of us stating that pink was the best color. Imagine that? THE NERVE!?)

So, anyway, there we were creating paper spiders with scissors which meant that we would get messy with glue so...HOORAY! Then we had the pumpkin drawings, the pumpkin lanterns which I found (still do) AWESOME! And at some point i swear we carved a pumpkin head on our own!


Imagine this, you are young little me, with an ugly broken retarded leg, a cool prosthetic, an almost irresistible feeling to run around yelling and "adventuring" in your own 5 year old brain and holding a god damn baseball bat. Now imagine your confusion as you are holding a bat. Weren't you NOT supposed to use sticks to make noise? Now imagine you being told that you could not only use that stick and flail it around like a madman with pants on fire, but you can also use it to BREAK a carton replica of a horse/chicken/dragon or whatever. Not only that, but if you manage to break it you would get CANDY! Do I have to say more?

(I know the picture is large but how can I not put this one? Look at how much fun they are having. LOOK AT ALL THAT FUN!)


Now this is the part which i think is most valid. I cant really explain it but there was something in the air around Halloween. There was something in the air full of mischief and general chaos that I found intoxicating. Dont get me wrong, i was not a troublemaker or a wild child. But i was no angel. I liked harmless mischief that did not put others to trouble. And Halloween had exactly that tone on it.

P.S Most if not ALL of the memories i described above were from a time when I was almost too young to remember. I have written down everything that I believe is true but there is always a slight possibility that many of the memories and feelings i have are actually made up by my brain. Whatever the case I hope you liked this Halloweeny post.

Happy Halloween everyone! and dont forget...



  1. I say we bring Halloween to Greece :D
    Let's start by having a party with costumes and halloween sweets ( caramel apples, yay ) and then run around the neighborhood ringing bells and tricking people, cause they won't have treats ready ( mwahahahaha ).

  2. @Silvestro: that sounds as a good plan actually! though i don't believe anyone will open for us! :P

    Also, i haven't do any of the things above. I feel empty now XD Okay i don't like costumes but it's so much fun!

    Btw, why i feel like i don't know you? When you were 3 you were in America? I thought you were always here...i think that either missed you when you were talking those 15 years i know you or you father never mentioned it either at school XD LOL


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