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Manga Review : Fairy TAil

Summary:Celestial wizard Lucy wants to join the Fairy Tail, a guild for the most powerful wizards. But instead, her ambitions land her in the clutches of a gang of unsavory pirates led by a devious magician. Her only hope is Natsu, a strange boy she happens to meet on her travels. Natsu's not your typical hero - but he just might be Lucy's best hope.

Review:Ok so this one is probably Yiota's favorite manga (Dear misstress sorry for taking so long to review it i shall await any punishment u deam fit), i mean how could it not be? It has magic,tons of characters, a world that revolves around magic, hot guys/girls...and above else it has DRAGONS!! And even better...DRAGONSLAYERS! I mean common! Just hearing that u think of some crazy badass!

So our main protagonist is Natsu,a dragonslayer, whose on a quest to find the dragon that raised him and taught him dragon-slaying magic,who one day runs into Lucy (our main female heroine) who is also a wizard and uses celestial magic(don't get your hopes up...she just summons some spirits that most of the time aren't all that helpfull but moving on!) and she is traveling throught the continent in order to join Fairy Tail, Natsu's guild...long story short :they get into some trouble natsu helps her blah blah she joins fairy tail -you know the usal routine- and then is where things get interesting!

Fairy Tail is a crazy guild...they are infamous about the trail of destruction that they leave behind them after every quest that people ask them to accoplish...and most of the time they don't even do it on in the 1st chapter...Natsu goes to save Lucy from a bunch of kidnappers that the townspeople have hired him to exterminate and although he can easily knock them down with a single punch each...he ends up DESTROYING half the bloody town in order to do so!
OR another time that they have to block the moonlight from entering some ruins ( cause the used the moon's magic in somw short of ritual) and a normal person would just put some kind of a lid in the whole in the seeling but noooooo natsu had to go and break half the support pillars and actualy tilt the ruins!~

As you can imagine...Fairy Tail is a pretty hillarious manga,with lots of fan-service,and cool moments! But it has some drawbacks...for example...natsu tends to win too often...even when by logic he should loose e.g. when he is facing people with 3 times his power and twice his wits...but as soon as he is about to loose somebody gives him a "boost" and he pulls through...which happens in most Fairy Tail battles no matter if they concern major or minor characters.
Number two bad good guy dies...EVER! and thats just unrealistic...i mean the guild master had like 2 heart attacks and he is well above 80 and in the last arc although he has tottaly pawned by his oppontent and should have died...he survived -and after that he held up a dragon to bout...christ Makarov is one scary old dude!-
Number three...well there is none the two above are all that i can think about:P

Conclusion : Great manga.easy to read,it's well thought out and it has the "happy ending" in each arc that makes everyone all mushy mushy:P
I would defintly suggest it to people that are thinking of starting to read manga cause it's so fairy tail-like (no pun intended) that it resembles a bit of a graphic novel imo
Final word...R.E.A.D. I.T.
PS Erza -one of the major characters is epic win ALL THE TIME!! Go Erza!!

MinonF out! /salute



    1. My fav manga is Bleach. Fairy Tail is my 2nd fave. Probably cause we have barely see a dragon XD

    2. Fairy Tail rocks, no matter how many things they destroy.

    3. It's true that Natsu won some battles when he didn't have the power, but none of his opponents have more guts than him. That's wrong. And hey! He lost from the Gildarts and learned what fear is!

    4.Have you read the last chapter? I mean what the hell was that? XD I know he doesn't usually kill people but that doesn't mean he has to do something like that to create balance (i'm trying not to spoil)

    Fairy Tail rockkkssss!! Read it people!

    P.S: It's "you" not "u". We are not on facebook man XD

  2. no it's "u" cause i'm bored to write "you",and i don't even have a facebook account...:P

    Also last chapter was like reading page one,page two etc etc... starting to read the last two pages...and...W.T.F.?!? i mean seriously it was like a freaking commet came crushing down on earth and nobody in the whole white world had any kind of clue!

  3. Next time will be "you"!

    Yeah i know! I made Chronis get online and read cause i was looking the last page for like 5 mins shocked! It doesn't even make sense what he did XD

  4. I just love this anime! i like the way that they destroy and trash things when they fight and end up being hated by the council. the only question is that since they are magicians why can't they use magic the things that they destroy. :)


  5. @Andrew: they don't fix the things they destroy for 2 reasons, first they don't really care because they are that kind of badass heros XD and second most of the damage is caused by erza and natsu who use equipment and fire magic so they can't fix something with their magic.

  6. @Silvestro: I think Andrew has a point and i am still watching Fairy tail and i still haven't seen FIXING magic.Poor Macky, the council and the fairy's are making it hard for him. whahahaha


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