Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bookie Brunch - Trick Or Treat

Welcome to Bookie Brunch: Trick or Treat!!! Bookie Brunch as you may already know (or not) is a weekly discussion event on different blog each week and different guest!

Soooo...welcome to the Trick or Treat Week with surprise posts from the Bookie Brunch hosts and guests (check the linky). And by surprise i mean, no one has no idea what the other will music?guestposts?or what? Let your imagination free and have fun!

Our treat is a special spotlight. Here in Greece, we don't have Halloween so i made the guys tell me what's they would like to dressed on Halloween!

Special Spotlight List: Halloween

Johnny said he will would like to be a ghost. He did not specify something else and when i asked for a photo he said "there no such thing. i will create my own ghost". I do believe the pic i found, could have been Johnny though. What do you think?

Athanasia's exact comment was "i would be a very very bad witch"...i'm wondering what she means like that...a more modern bad witch or just a bad witch? Again no pic was provided so we use your imagination. I can totally see her into this one though:

Now..i'm about to open Nina's email. Let's see...aha! I see another creative person in our family who wants a self made costume..interesting choice though "I'd be a Hippie. I know it's not scary at all, but I always wanted to dress into a hippie after this failed attempt when I was little. I'm not going to give you a photo of my costume, because I'm a big fun of homemade costumes, the ones you can create using pieces of your own wardrobe and make-up tools. "....I'm not entirely i understood though. Do you mean like the pic next to text?

 Let's see what Silvestro picked. hahaha..nice one!
Our little assassin! He even picked a pic. "Assassin's creed of course :P"Now that would be something i would love to see! Though i always imagined assassins a bit taller :p

As for me? Even though i don't like costumes i would have dressed as a classic witch. With the pointy hat and pointy shoes! I have long dark brown hair so i think it would be kinda scary ^^

And last but not least with have the Anonymous Minion F with a really strange idea...Rubik's cube...i don't know how he plans to do this but got luck man! He says "it's spooky as hell"

What's your costume for Halloween? Feel free to post photos too!
And don't forget to come back in the week for some scary, witchy book reviews,giveaways and something special from Johnny!


  1. Didn't i also send a reply to that one?:(
    And mine was the scariest...
    ^----sad minion:(

  2. I had a lot of fun reading this post! Great ideas - love them all, especially the assassin and Rubik's Cube. Cute post:)

  3. Fun post!! Being an assassin could be fun .... :)

  4. Ha ! Assassin wins in comments :P
    and assassin's are mainly small sized, to be more aggile, less heavy and fit in tight places ;)

  5. I would love to see minion F dressed as a Rubik's Cube.(very original)
    I have personally left my costume planning to the last minute. I'm torn between an angel and a pirate. I have to finish the rest of my broods costumes first.
    Loved the pictures!


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