Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Steins Gate : Anime Review

Rintaro Okabe is a self-proclaimed "mad scientist" who believes that an international scientific organization named SERN is conspiring to reshape the world according to its own interests. He and his friend Itaru Hashida inadvertently create a gadget able to send messages to the past. The discovery and experimentation of this instrument become the catalyst of fundamental alterations of the present. Okabe is the only one aware of these changes because he possesses a Reading Steiner, the ability to retain the memories from previous experienced timelines. Oblivious of the consequences of their actions, Rintaro and his friends end up creating modifications of grievous proportions. He must then try to find a way to return as close as possible to the original timeline in order to save his precious lab partners.


Awesome... Amazing... One... More... Eeeeeepisode !!!
Seriously I couldn't stop watching, the storyline is addictive, beware, you may end up watching 24 episodes back to back.

The story is about a 17 year old Japanese inventor, named Rintaro Okabe, who is one of my favorite characters ever written. He decided to start his own lab and recruit some lab members to create unique inventions. The funny part is that he pretends to be an evil mad scientist with mad laughter and the whole package :D

Some day they accidentaly invent a microwave oven that has the ability to send text messages back to the past, and as scientists, they start experimenting with it. But here comes the butterfly effect to ruin the day... Every message has some of the intented effects but it also has some sideffects that are not always minor. Of course when the past changes the world runs on a different timeline so the memories of every lab member is rewritten to match the current timeline events. Only Okabe remembers the events of the original timeline because of a special ability his mind posseses called "Reading Steiner", so he is the only one who can see the results of the changes he wanted to make, but also the sideffects.

As you may have guessed at some point the sideffects become too massive to ignore them and Okabe has to reverse all the changes he made to the timeline. Will he succeed, or will he succumb to the needs that made him change the timeline in the first place ?

P.S. The storyline is tottaly cool, but what really excels in this anime are the characters, especially the lab members that are all either exceptionally funny or spooky and mysterious, that combination of characters and storyline have elevated this anime in my top 3 completed anime series together with Death Note and Code Geass.


  1. Funny that i told you about it and i almost fall asleep at the the half 1st episode XD LOL!
    Congrats on finishing it and like it XD

  2. oi oi oi manga and anime are my speciallity >.<
    But i will let this one slide...for now:P
    Anw there is also a manga about this one which is also really cool but it tends to go off track with all the scientific talk and sometimes it just tires u out...

  3. Yeah if you survive the first 3 episodes it gets really interesting, till then it is a bit complicated and tiring...

    And Minion I thought you do only manga, I haven't seen any anime reviews yet, also you haven't watched this anime so you could not do this review :P

  4. I love Steins;Gate! Great review :)


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