Friday, October 28, 2011

Movie Review: Pride and Prejudice

P&P 2005
In this retelling of Jane Austen's novel set in 19th-century England, Mrs. Bennet (Brenda Blethyn) is a mother in hopes of marrying her daughters to prosperous gentlemen callers, especially when a wealthy bachelor moves nearby. Headstrong daughter Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) meets her match in Mr. Darcy.The classic novel of manners, society, and love includes much of Austen's rich commentary on human nature, and features extensive, gorgeous location shooting in and around historic English country homes.

Awww...Pride and Prejudice...sigh...oh well...i recently watched the BCC version with Colin Firth so i thought why not to review it opposite the new one like i did with the Mansfield Park films. So, as usual we have the P&P '05 and P&P '95 for reference.

I have heard so many good things about P&P '95 that my expectations were on the highest level ever. And i can say i was disappointed. P&P '95 is about 6 hours long. And while i love Austen's stories and Pride and Prejudice was one of her best novels, those 6 hours were the death of me. Yes, it's goes in depth and the story is closer to the book than P&P '05 but i almost fall asleep. I watched it in 2 parts and i almost stopped in the middle. But i did finish and i'm really proud of myself now. I mean P&P '05 is more light and enjoyable. I think it's easier for a boy to watch it as well and that makes it special. P&P '95 is mostly for the really hardcore fans.

P&P 1995

On the casting do i say it nicely...i hate the casting of P&P '95. Okay Colin Firth and the Elizabeth girl were good choices but who the hell picked the rest? It's wrong. Elizabeth sister is supposed to be a beauty and she is not. Elizabeth is by far the most beautiful girl in the whole movie which doesn't match with the story. The whole cast from boys to girls feels wrong. They are too old or yeah well..they are bit not easy for the eyes. Yeah, that's mean but there was no one decent in. P&P '05 has beautiful, normal and more not beautiful people. They have everything which makes more sense in any world. Yes, beauty it's personal opinion but what can i say?

On the acting...P&P '95 Elizabeth and Darcy are amazing! They saved the movie for me! You could see their feelings and convince you about their roles from miles. The rest not so much. On the other hand, P&P '05 has average or really good acting to all of the characters. The cast has "professional" actors like Maggie Smith Judi Dench in.(those are the mistakes you do when you write multiple Austen posts at the same time! thanks Elena! the comment still stands^^). So in that aspect it was better for me as well.

Lastly, the environment and the music. To say it simply, P&P '95 it's just dead next to other. Especially the music of P&P '05 is one of the most beautiful soundtracks ever and make the movie and your senses alive and bring the magic to life.

Obviously, i'm an P&P '05 fan and opposite of P&P '95 i can watch it again and again. The only thing you actually gain (for me always) from P&P '95 is to understand Darcy and Elizabeth better since Colin Firth and Janifer Ehle are simply amazing to their roles.

P.S: There is also another P&P BCC version from 1980. And one more movie from 1940. Haven't watched any of those.


  1. ^ The movie from the '40s in a bit different from the book but very good!
    Also, Maggie Smith does not feature in any of the Pride and Prejudice movie versions.

  2. @Elena: you are totally right. It was Judi Dench. I was confused with Becoming Jane. That's what happens when you write 2 Austen posts at the same time XD

  3. Oh, don't worry..I know how it feels like.
    BTW if you want to chek an amazing series, watch Sherlock by the BBC!

  4. @Elena: yes! Sherlock is on my list to watch this year! Seems pretty good ^^

  5. I really liked the 2005 version better. It's just less stiff.

    Older versions are good sometimes but they can be overtly detailed which can be boring. Nice review.


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