Sunday, October 9, 2011

Johnny English Reborn : Movie Review

The known MI7 agent, Johnny English, under the service of her majesty runs to the rescue of a Chinese official from a mercenary assassin organization. It is the sequel to the hilarious Johnny English movie that made all of us burst into laughter.


Wait a minute, ow aouts, trying to pull myself together, ow my belly muscles still hurt from the laughter, I think I pulled a muscle there, is that even possible ? XD

I watched the first Johnny English movie quite recently and I laughed pretty good with it so I expected the second to be at least as funny, and it was much funnier :D

It starts at a Buddhist monastery where Johnny has retired to find inner peace and a new purpose for his life, with some pretty funny training of course, until MI7 calls him back to serve his country.
He goes back and he is assigned to investigate a mercenary assassination squad that are paid to kill a high ranking Chinese official.
The whole movie is this investigation with some pretty funny detective F moments, F stand for Fail by the way XD, and some LMFAO fighting and chase scenes :D

The effects are… not there actually, it had a couple of explosions but nothing too exciting. The gadgets on the other hand were as cool as in any other spy movie, and with this user they became cool and fun.

Now the bad thing about this movie is that in most crucial scenes you could tell what was going to happen way before it happened, and I heard that from other people from the audience too.
At some point the person sitting in front of me turned to his friend and said “have you watched this before ? how do you know what is going to happen all the time ?” and he responded “well it is pretty easy to guess…”.
On the other hand even if you knew what was going to happen it was still too funny watching it that I couldn’t stop laughing XD
Actually I think that I laughed in every scene, maybe with the exception of 2-3 “serious” scenes, but still it is a great amount of laughter.

So if you like unique movies and surprises this is not for you, if you want a funny movie with clichés and easily predicted scenes but still too funny to resist laughing this is the movie for you.

P.S. also the first scene on the trailer with the bearded Johnny saying "How ?" is not in the movie :( I was searching for it :'(


  1. i want to see it even more!! You lucky bastard! XD I'm jealous!

  2. Now all I need to do is watch the three musketeers to make you blow up in jealously :P

  3. i am not sure if i want to watch this one.. i liked your review though..

    i will give it a try but only in dvd !!

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  5. well i saw it and i was right...i didn't like it at all, i was bored, it was very predictable and i didn't laugh at all...


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