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Clash of the Titans (2010) : Movie Review

About: The film begins with the story of the Titans. The Titans were finally defeated by their sons Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, when Zeus convinced Hades to create a monstrous creature, the Kraken (made from Hades' flesh). Zeus became ruler of the heavens, Poseidon became king of the seas, and Hades (tricked by Zeus) was left to rule the Underworld. Zeus created humankind, and in time, humankind began to question the gods. A millennium later, a fisherman named Spyros finds a coffin in the sea. A baby and his dead mother are in it. Spyros adopts the boy (whom he names Perseus) and raises him as his own son. Years later, the now adult Perseus is aboard a small fishing boat with his family, when they witness a group of soldiers from Argos destroying a massive statue of Zeus, as a declaration of war against the gods. Hades appears in the form of a flock of demons and massacres the soldiers. After Hades has achieved victory, he destroys the fishing boat as well, drowning Perseus' family. read more

Review: I really can not remember how I decided to watch this movie, unfortunately I did not remember that Yiota and Silvestro had already watched the 3D version..

First of all when the movie began I found really impressive the graphics that represented the story of the Titans and I liked as well the first scenes when Spyros saves Perseus. I was waiting to see which actor was going to be Perseus when he grows up and when I saw Sam Worthington I was a little disappointed because he does not look like the image I had in mind for Perseus at all.

To begin with the story is really mixed up (one could say messed up as well), they took the myth to a totally next level in a bad way though. There were many examples like Greece's deserts and much more . But on the other hand I liked how they imagined Olympus, the castles at the top of the mountain were so beautiful.

Moreover, the movie itself was really boring, it had action, there were many fight scenes but at the same time I was watching how much time was left until the end.. My favorite fight scene was with Medusa, it was the most interesting because all the actors that I liked were fighting.

The performances of the actors were good, there was not someone that made an impression on me, all of them were just fine. I liked though the hunters, they were so funny! Generally this movie did not excite me at all and I am being generous now.

Finally I wont recommend this movie for all the above reasons, for me it is a 4/10.

Info: There will be a Clash of the Titans 2 in 2012


  1. That movie is a disaster...and the 3D sucked as well XD
    We were laughing all the time at the cinemas with every little thing.
    How they had desserts in Greece, those aliens things that looked like that bad guys at Power Rangers, how Andromeda or Io (don't remember which one) had a different haircut in each was so fun! I'm not gonna discuss the myth. We are lucky they at least got some of the names right^^
    what a fail...can't believe they are making a 2nd one. LOL

  2. I remember that movie and how everyone was negative about it...
    Well the only thing I regreted after watching it was that I saw it in 3D. I liked that movie because I didn't really care about them keeping the mythological truth and some facts about ancient Greece, I liked that they made a world of their own and I really liked the effects and the fight moves.
    I think at some scenes it could be boring but I was busy fighting with my too cheap 3D binoculars that the crappy cinema I watched it into gave me.

  3. i am a mythology freak so those kind of movies want me to go to a killing spree. I find it offends the culture personally, and I dont say that because I am greek and they did it to one of our myths, I would say that for any type of mythology I know of.

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  5. Also I have to add two things to my previous comment, the pegasus and the ghostly wings effect the bad guy had. Those two things alone can make me say that this movie worth my time.

  6. @Silvestro: and you said i was shallow for judging a book by its cover :P

  7. That poster is hilariously awesome! The movie doesn't sound particularly good though - I hadn't even heard of it until I went on this blog.

  8. @yiota:"aliens things that looked like that bad guys at Power Rangers" that is so funny i didn't think about that XD

    @silvestro: pegasus and the ghostly wings effect were amazing, the movie had some good parts and effects but on the other hand it was generally boring and disappointing..


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