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Spotlight List: Villain Sidekicks

Spotlight List is a totally awesome meme by Small Review, and its actually one of the things that grows my TBR every week. Every week, we create a theme and then we do a top list on it. Small Review already has Spotlight Posts about Fantasy, Gothic, Historical Fiction, Retold Stories you might want to check out.
Every week, one of us will pick a theme and create the list. Then everyone will comment on this list!

The guys only know the comments from the person who picked the theme and did the choices. They haven't seen the rest.

Before you start with this week spotlight i would like to tell you that's part of a big series of Spotlight i have scheduled. Cause it's really nice to Spotlight stories in general, but there are some times that we just love some certain parts of those stories so much that we enjoy them again and again only cause of those things. So prepare for Spotlights on characters, scenes, battles, worlds, second characters, romance, fun stuff and much much more to come!

Villain Sidekicks (Villain Cartoons, Hero)
by Yiota, Johnny
*I think Silvestro forgot to sent the answers..probably a mission or something kept him busy*

We all know that a no hero/villain can be a success without a decent sidekick. BUT there are some sidekicks that they almost have the level of epicness of their masters or there are better. Funny is that they are actually so many worth mentioning, that we couldn't create just one list. We will have it in 3 parts: Heroes, Villains and Cartoons Sidekicks. They will come we have Heroes!

Raze (Underworld)
Yiota: sorry but i seriously can't comment. the only that i''m thinking of him is the wrong subtitles from the Greek translation of the movie where he called Lucian with a wrong name!! haha (@Johnny: yes Lucian is a villain at the first movie. he might be the good one at Rise of the Lycans but in the 1st movie he and Victor are the bad ones)
athanasia: seriously guys where do you find them? who the hell is he?
Nina: Can't say I know the guy....I haven't seen the movies....But he's all muscles and he looks bad, really bad....

Darth Vader (Star Wars)
Yiota: Funny that actually one of the most badass villains ever is actually a sidekick. He is under the orders of Emperor Palpatin (a really creepy Sith). I'm pretty sure most people don't even know that fact. LOL
Johnny: I think that this is the most embarasing thing for mister Palpatin is that his sidekick is more awesome than he is. Vader is the best and fack all the rest
athanasia: him again? still haven't seen the movies..
Nina: Really?? I mean I haven't seen the movies, but I always though this was the bad guy....

Lurtz (LOTR I)
Yiota: The most clever and strong Uruk who actually almost killed Aragorn in the movies! His death was lame...he was stronger than Aragorn and Aragorn was like the luckiest guy ever. He also killed Borromir. And he managed to lead the team of the Uruks who made the Fellowship be in teams. He did a pretty good job for his little life eh?
Johnny: He is the reason why I love uruk hai, he is the only villain worth mentioning in Lord Of The Rings (Think about it, Sauron is just an eye, Saruman the "Great and awesome badass wizard" loses from a bunch of plannts, this guy....he killed one of the fellowship and almost aragorn). But noo the most badass villain in Lotr after the nazgul has to die in the first episode! Fyi Aragorn should be dead, I like him, but when this guy pinned him on the tree with his shield, there is no way he could get out of it without an act of god.
athanasia: LOTR is one my favorite movies BUT as a normal person i am i DON'T remember him. 
Nina: Why I can't remember him? Anyway, if you say he was a villiain sidekick, then he was a villiain sidekick....

Lana (The Librarian)
Yiota: Do you remember her? She was also in the list of the most epic fail villains XD She was still awesome though as we have said before. She made the movie more interesting and she kicked some butt for time to time.
Johnny: I still dont know why the Librarian didnt hook up with her!. I would! Look at her! Hot asian badass villain girl with a gun versus a blond annoying uglier american girl with issues. Yep, Lana ftw
athanasia: her again?
Nina: I really like her style and if kickes butts, then I like her more....

Darken Rahl (Legend of the Seeker Season 2)
Yiota: From a villain he became a sidekick. But an awesome sidekick. From the underworld (since he was dead) he managed to create some serious problems to our Seeker. We called him the Receptionist of the Underword since he was always there to welcome the new dead people :P Plus he did manage to become alive again..and take his part as the main villain again. But then they canceled the show..sigh...we will miss him...(plus he is really hot!)
Johnny: He is probably the most epic villain ever to appear in a fantasy world/show/movie. Why? because he is human, as yiota mentioned he is good looking (Not the usual ugly misshapen bad wizard) and he is more or less awesome. He is the only one that makes fleeing from the hero like a coward look damn epic
Nina: Well, I now download the series (Greek TV started showing it)....I'll trust the others in this one (but I don't believe he's hot)....

Who are your favourite Villain sidekicks?
Next Spotlight will feature Couples. FILL THE FORM with your favorite Couples and we will feature it too!Movies,books,series,games,anything! ^^ You can fill the form more than once!


  1. The Librarian!!! Those movies were so much fun but soooo bad :P I feel obligated to like them though. I mean, the hero is a librarian!

    I've always liked the crow from Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent's goons are so stupid but the crow is smart. Even though he doesn't have any lines, his facial expressions are super funny.

  2. Underworld has no bad guys. Raze and Lucian are not the villains. The whole Underworld story is practically that. There are no bad guys, just people that are enemies of the protagonists. If you put it down to that, you have to chose who is less bad

  3. I have said it again, most of the movies have no evil guys that act as vilains just for the fun of it, in fact most of the vilains are good guys that were forced for some reason to take actions in the evil or the grey area of the alignment scale but given a choice they would act as heros.
    Clasical example is Darth Vader, he is drawn to the dark side but at the last minutes of his life he turns back to the light side because he was given a chance.


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