Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's New Wednesday #16

What's New Wednesday is hosted by My Love Affair With Books and i totally love it since i can put in all the interesting news we found about each week!

In front of every little paragraph will be a tag ( Music,Movie, Book,etc) so in case you are not interested in something you can just skip it. At the end, are our week's finds.

[Movies] For the I Am Number Four fans there is a deleted scene available online to watch.

[Movies/Books] Mortal Instruments fans, Cassandra Clare gave a small update on the movie casting which you can watch or read at MTV.

[Movies/Books] 39 Clues will be a movie and already has a director.

[TV] Shows renewed: 90210, America's Next Top Model, House (previously reported Supernatural, Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries), Game of Thrones
Shows canceled: Breaking In, Traffic Light, The Chicago Code, Lie to Me, and sophomore Human Target.

[TV] Gossip Girl fans! Good news! (at least for me)! Taylor Momsen (Jenny) and Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) may not be coming as regulars at next season! How awesome is that? I so much hate them!

[Music] New music videos: Move Your Body by Beyonce, Mean by Taylor Swift, Judas by Lady Gaga
New Song: Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga

[Games] The New Assassins Creed Game revealed withe the sub-title "Revelations"

New in TBR (click for summaries):



  1. Didn't know there was another Final Destination coming out, added both the movies to my rental list! =)
    Love this round up

  2. I am so not a Jenny or Vanessa fan, so yay!! I'd better start reading The 39 Clues before the movie comes out! (I still have to read The Hunger Games...)

  3. New Assassin's Creed game, yay !!! :D

  4. I miss "I Am Number Four"....

    I don't like Jenny the way she became, but I liked Vanessa, at least in the beginning....

    I like that 90210 has a new season....

    And I cannot see the Mortal Instruments cast....

  5. @Booksforcompany: i've stopped watching at FD 3 :p

    @Small: yay!another hater!:P ohh..i haven't read them either.

    @silvestro: LOL

    @nina: vanessa is a real bitch at the last seasons

  6. i am so exited about "House" i love the series

    i hate Vanessa too, so happy she wont be in the show all the time

    Judas has an amazing video clip and i also like the song so much now!

    Move Your Body by Beyonce is AMAZING!!! i loved it, she looks so pretty! Mean by Taylor Swift i didn't like..

    Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga that i like!

    oh and both movies sound really nice!


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