Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Plants VS Zombies Review

Get ready to soil your plants! Again! PopCap's fun-dead game of the year is updated and expanded with 20 new achievements and the interactive Zombatar™. Make your very own zombie, then watch it come to "life" in your game!
Stop 26 types of zombies dead in their tracks with your arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants! Battle through 50 Adventure levels, 20 Mini-Games, plus Puzzle and Survival modes. Or dig into the zombie-free Zen Garden. The fun never dies!

More About the Game

• Five game modes: Adventure, Mini-Games, Puzzle, Survival and Zen Garden
• Battle zombies through day, night, fog, in a swimming pool and on the rooftop
• Earn 20 Achievements and show off your zombie-zapping skills
• Make your own fun-dead friends with the Zombatar™!


Guys let me tell you something from personal experience, plants can be really fearsome. Last year I went to an archeological dig on planet Zarc’ Hal and when I told the “smart guys” there to always watch the plants they laughed at me. Well to make a short story shorter, 2 hours later I was on my ship with some very rare ancient artifacts and those archeologists were being digested by so flesh eating plants native to the planet. Well I warned them so you can’t blame me and I swear on the lives of the redshirts that I had nothing to do with their untimely and tragic deaths.

Plants VS Zombies started out as a funny minigame, one of the many that popcap games developed over the years. Most of them went unnoticed but this game was too successful and popular. It is a tower defense game in which the player uses plants to defend against the zombies that try to eat his/her brainz. It has a cool sense of humor, great amounts of suspense, and nice animations and sound effects. I spent hours playing it and I can still play it at times of great boredom.

Story: Very nice story about a zombie apocalypse and an evil mad scientist mastermind that created them. The plants are actually part of the player’s garden and they are protecting their owner from losing his/her brain to the zombie horde. The game has many campaign stages and some minigames that provide an endless stream of zombies to slaughter.

Gameplay: The gameplay is the classic tower defense gameplay where the player can see the whole stage from a height and place plants around to stop the zombies before reaching the house. It is generally a very easy game style to develop so the tower defense games are not so great as the other high budget games on the aspect of advertisement. Those guys however made an excellent user interface that keeps the game interesting and challenging and at the same time advances the strategic part of the game forcing the player to choose a few of the available plants to use in each stage.

Graphics: I already said that the animations are pretty cool. Also the design is very good and it achieves to pass the correct feelings to the player. Later on there are special designs for the zombies and some other features that the player unlocks as secret words of power which transmutes certain aspects of the game. Much better than some useless achievements that other games are filled with…

That’s it folks, I say again that I really liked this game and if you like tower defense games this game should be on your collection. And I have to add that one of the reasons this game is soooooo cool is the music video bellow.

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  1. My sisters love this game but I have never really played it myself.

  2. There's a zombie on your lawn.

  3. this game sounds so interesting and funny!!!

    and the music video is amazing, so funny XD

    if i played games i would totally try that !

  4. I've seen Johnny play it but never played it myself XD

    The way the zombies move their heads at the videos remind me of Jim Carrey's SNL sketch.

  5. I love this game. I mean look at the little wall-nut under the sunflower. I mean look at him! He has the most adorable face EVER! I laugh every single time i look at him

  6. We played the short version online and went straight to eBay to get the long PC game. Love it - completed it over and over and still go back.

  7. p.s it's out or coming out on DS soon isn't it? Wonder how that one will differ!

  8. Well if it comes out on DS one thing is sure, it will use the touchscreen somehow. Other than that I don't know :D


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