Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wayward, Book Review

Born without magic, seventeen-year-old Helena “Hex” Wayward is an embarrassment to her power-hungry relatives. As the weakest member of the world’s most deadly magical family, Hex learns early how to avoid confrontation. There’s no defending herself against an errant curse or the pit-demon that her cousins like to summon during family reunions.When the dark magic inside of her -- magic that she never dreamt even existed -- erupts in a violent display, it kills a member of a rival family. Now, Hex's family hopes to use her magic for their own sinister purposes and their enemies just want her dead. Abandoning her magic will leave Hex defenseless but she's seen how quickly power corrupts even the best intentions. Caught between the seductive sorcerer who wants her power for his own and the forbidden love of a human boy, Hex has to make a choice: Save her life or save her soul.

Wayward (The Wayward Trilogy, #1)by Ashley Girardi
Published March 27th 2011 

Wayward is the first book of a series placed in our world where a world of magic is kept a secret. There were 3 reasons i picked the book for review. 1. The story even though it's something not so new, even from the summary gives you a hint it would be special, 2.I'm tired of vampires and angels so i wouldn't mind some witches in my life 3.The cover is so gorgeous and creepy XD

Anyway, at the first chapter i couldn't really get into it since the you don't know a thing about the main character and i couldn't understand everything was going but that made me want to go on and see what the hell is happening. By the time, you get to know her history i was really into it. It had "plastic girls", a shy best friend, a boy, magic and really evil people. I'm still surprised of how evil and mean is her family. And the funny is that i didn't despise them. I just wanted to know more of them.

The world of the book is different. There is some new species in, which made it interesting. The witch community has so many secrets that you can't just get enough of them. And the characters are on a normal level meaning they are not so extraordinary, or annoying, or too perfect. I could totally see myself in Sam sometimes. It's not romance based either. It has its moments but the author doesn't let it to surface more that's necessary.

I recommend the book, if you want something new in YA but still around the things you've seen before.

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  1. I just have to say that the title of this book reminds me of the supernatural series theme song.
    Running of now to listen to it :D

  2. I love the cover - it's creepy and mysterious. I'm glad to know that the book delivers. I am tired of vampires and angels too, so a YA fantasy book that doesn't involve either of them is refreshing.

  3. It sounds good, but about the cover, the girl is scary, and because of that, I wouldn't pick it up to read the summary....

  4. that books sounds really interesting, i really like stories about witch communities..


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