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The Lost Spotlight List: Favorite Couples

Spotlight List is a totally awesome meme by Small Review, and its actually one of the things that grows my TBR every week. Every  week, we create a theme and then we do a top list on it. Small Review already has Spotlight Posts about Fantasy, Gothic, Historical Fiction, Retold Stories you might want to check out.
Every week, one of us will pick a theme and create the list. Then everyone will comment on this list!

The guys only know the comments from the person who picked the theme and did the choices. They haven't seen the rest.

The Lost Spotlight: Favorite Couples
by Yiota, Athanasia
*it's called Lost since i lost it last week cause of the blogger problems, it came back to life yesterday though..soo here it is again!*

A girly post! LOL. Nah...there are couples and love stories that are loved even from boys and i believe we can say that for almost every choice in this list! ;) And don't forget how important a romance is in a story. Most times is the main theme, sometimes side story but still important on the result and even sometimes love is just the only way to kill a bad guy. Here some couples that we will never forget!

Elizabeth & Darcy (Pride and Prejudice Book/Movie)

Yiota: Ahhhh...pride and prejudice. how i love the story. What an interesting and strong couple. Both so different and both so right. From "hate" to love. I mean even Johnny like it! And that says enough XD And he even remembers the names of the characters...anyway..back to the couple. The reason i picked them is they feel real. At first they didn't know each other, they had their ideas from the way they grow up and both stand up for them. But with time, they learned to listened and without even know it, the changed one another and fall in love.

Johnny: I love this couple almost the same reasons as above. They feel real, it is not your usual love in first sight, its more like a slow progress and it really shows the way things were back then, with all their pros and cons. I even liked it despite that it had no battle scenes
athanasia: that was a great couple, i did not remember the names but i remembered a feeling.
Silvestro: Haven’t watched that but Keira Knightley (♥♥♥) is always cool in spite of this guy’s presence that reminds me of Edward in twilight ( which is disgusting ).
Nina: It is one of the classic, where the characters hate each other in the beginning and then fall in love....I believe that it's real, because you can see many examples of this story in the real life.
Jack & Rose (Titanic)

Yiota: The poor boy and the lady. Who doesn't fall for those things? Especially when there are murders, accidents, sex and not a happy ending the way you wanted. At first when i saw the movie i was young and i didn't feel a thing but later i fell in love with them. Their connection was so strong and innocence. You say romance "Titanic" pops up immediately.

Johnny: Overestimated. Highly, cliche thing, the poor boy and the lady, a story chewed over again and again and again. The ending was sad but it was also stupid for one main reason. Can anyone give me a valid reason why they did not share the wooden plank? or why they did not take turns? I mean what the hell? what happened to survival instinct? It is a good movie and a nice love story i give them that, but for its lack of violence and/or something random or METAL! (think of Jack Black and you know what I mean by METAL).
athanasia: that is one of the movies of all times. From the first time i watched it to the last time ( a couple of years ago ) i cried every time. It is impossible not to be touched by this movie. it is not only the romance but also the strugle, the irony, the tragety, the  sacrifice and the eternal love that make it so unique. There are so many scenes from the couple that i love, my 3 favorites are 1) when he meets her mother and has saliva on his face 2) when they have sex in the car and 3) ---the best--- when they dance at "party" he takes her.. To sum up it is the most romantic movie ever..
Silvestro: I have watched Titanic many times and I always got bored of the romantic moments of the movie because they felt like fillers that paused the action and filled up time to make the movie bigger. But it may be that I like action movies and hate love stories…
Nina: This was the first movie I cried at the end....I love the characters and they have something of Romeo & Juliet....I agree with Yiota, when you say romance, you instantly think of them....The guy's sacrifice for his love....I'm going to cry again, now that I remember it....

Rachel & Ross (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

Yiota: Yeah loved them too. No matter how many times they broke up, they fought with each other..i never got tired of them! 10 years of them and i still love to watch them! I still don't know what really makes them so special. They are ordinary but unforgetable.

Johnny: They are good but I found them extremelly frustrating some times. I mean I really wanted to shout, DONT DO IT ROSS! or something like that. I think they are unnecessarily complicated, but then again that is how real relationships are, and that is what makes them worth being in the list
athanasia: Ross and Rachel the funnist couple! i love them so much, they broke up, they fought, they made up but everytime it was so funny, never got tired of them actually i want more of them. Friends is one of the series i have watched a hundrent times and i still watch it. At the end of the show when they finally got together forever it was so emotional, he was screaming at the phone and she walked in saying "I got off the plane" Ohhhhhhh
Silvestro: Now those two I really liked. They were so more funnier together than apart that I didn’t even care if whole episodes were filled up with boring romance.
Nina: Bad timing is the reason they weren't together from the beginning....Who doesn't love them and Friends in general....

Tristan & Yvainne (Stardust Book/Movie)

Yiota: Fairytale loveee!!! They are just so cute!! They were born for each other. It feels perfect. All those little moments with Tristan's secret smiles to Yvainne and Yvainne glowing when she is happy and next to him. A star and a human.

Johnny: By FAR my favorite couple from this list. All the reasons above made them so cute, but they also had battles, pirates, witches and magic. Seriously I think they would kick the ass of titatic anytime! Besides, Yvaine is so addorable with her glowing!
athanasia: i have seen that but i do not remember them.. sorry
Silvestro: When I saw that movie’s title and trailer I thought it would be a magical adventure with warlords and wizards and mythical beings fighting in a fairy tale land, but instead I got a love story with magical background. Then I stopped caring about the movie so I don’t even remember their story…
Nina: I have seen the movie a dozen of times and I can still watch it and don't have a problem with it....Their story is so romantic....My favourite scene is at the hotel, towards the end....All those secret smiles....And I liked how they changed at their trip....Love them....

Blair & Chuck (Gossip Girl Books/TV Series)

Yiota: The "evil" guys of Gossip Girl together? That's just plain awesome. You are getting mad with them for acting mean to one another (ex.Chuck gives away his love for a hotel) but yoouuu so want it to work. They are romantic with each other and you still love them. And let's just say they make one of the best teams of destroying people ever. When they got together they managed to shove away ever other character of the show. More of them please!

Johnny: I have no idea who the f those guys are. I think you forgot the most MAJOR love couple. The mom and dad from the Adams family, Gomez and Morticia.
athanasia: that is a very passionate relationship, a love - hate one. They are perfect for each other but that also makes it impossible to work. I really like them together though so i hope it will work !
Silvestro: Nop haven’t watched that either, but the outfit of this guy rocks.
Nina: They are the destroying machine on the show....They both have style and character and I love them together better than apart....Even though they love its other madly, they never show it up....And I love the "almost" sex scenes they had in the first seasons, they were  so clever when they wanted to seduse each other....

Your choices:

Westley & Buttercup (The Princess Bride Book/Movie)

by Small Review @ Small Review:

When death can't even stop their love, how can you not include them on a list of best couples? 

Rose & Dimitri (Vampire Academy Novels)

by Lorakissed @
photo from the graphic novel by Emma Vieceli

Kate & Leopold (Kate & Leopold)

by Filios: 

My favourite couple!Love the movie :)

Which is your favourite Couple?

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  1. my favourite couple from this list is rose and dimitri.

  2. Love love LOVE the first 3 couples. Also, Usagi and Mamoru from Sailor Moon, and Miaka and Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi. (Best animes evar!)

    All the couples in ENTWINED are pretty lovable too.

    And you cannot forget Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe from ANNE OF GREEN GABLES!

  3. Fully agree with Elizabeth & Darcy! Love the book and the couple!

  4. How can you watch movies with no battles in them? :P

  5. @johnny: with adrenaline and caffeine injections to keep you awake :D

  6. @Johnny, Silvestro: sometimes too much action can be boring...

    now Johnny: Tristan & Yvainne can't even be compared with Jack & Rose, they are the most romantic couple of all times, the poor boy - rich girl is so dramatic and as for the wooden plank, they couldn't share it cuz it would sink and they did not take turns because Jack wanted to save Rose...

    Ross and Rachel weren't frustrating, they were funny and sweet and made a great couple, yes they had a complicated relationship but not a frustrating one like Blair & Chuck...

    i am so happy that you don't know Blair & Chuck XD (i never know most of your choises XD)

  7. I like Tristan & Yvainne a LOT more than Jack&Rose. Jack & Rose are a bit boring XD


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