Sunday, May 22, 2011

Giveaway Series #6

For those who don't know what GiveAway Series is here you are ( you don't have to be part of the previous one, to be part of the new ones). Attention: I changed #7-8 into no-book related giveaways! Hope you don't mind:
Giveaway Series:
#1 Book up to 10 USD at BookDepository
#2 I create a list of books and you choose
#3 A pre-order book
#4 One book giveaway (i choose the book)
#5 GiveAway with re-create cover contest & Extra
#6 A DVD Movie Giveaway (i pick the movie/s) 
#7 A CD Album (i pick the artist/s)
#8 A Video Game (i pick the game/s)

Finally we are at the no-book giveaways. Since we don't write only for books it's more than appropriate to have some other cool giveaways too;) Let's go with a movie then!

Giveaway Series #5 - A DVD Movie Giveaway (i pick the movie/s)
Prize: Just pick the movie you want from the list
-You MUST be a GFC follower (old or new).
-Deadline: June 25th, 2011
-Open In Europe (where delivers)
-1 Winner (2 if i have more money at the time)
-Winner will be chosen by

-Next to each movie i will write in what REGION belongs (or multi-region DVDs of course). DVDs can not play in all regions. So check out if you belong there. I'm not responsible if the DVD can't play later.
-Except the REGION, in each movie i will provide a link to the so you can check any features available,languages,etc
-Again, check if delivers to you. If you have a friend/relative in one of those countries who can send it later to you, you can enter as well.
-You can have extra entries with the usual ways :)

Movies Available:
Despicable Me (Reg.2)
Harry Potter 1 (Reg.2)
Harry Potter 2 (Reg.2)
Harry Potter 3 (Reg.2)
Harry Potter 4 (Reg.2)
Harry Potter 5 (Reg.2)
Harry Potter 6 (Reg.2)
Kick Ass (Reg.2)
Scott Pilgrim (Reg.2)
Devil (Reg.2)
Charlie St.Cloud (Reg.2)
9 (Reg.2)
Serenity (Reg.2)
Chirque De Frique: The Vampire's Assistant (Reg.2)
Step Up 1+2 (Reg.2)
Pride And Prejudice (Reg.2)
Inception (Reg.2)


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